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Why is no federal tax was taken from my paycheck?

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Possible reasons:
1) Your income is very low.
2) The number of withholding allowances on your W-4 is very high.
3) You claimed "exempt" on your W-4.
4) Your employer is treating you as a contractor rather than an employee.
5) There is some sort of clerical error.
6) You applied for Advance EIC payments.

If you normally get back all of your taxes at the end of the year anyway, this is not a bad thing. If you don't, then you should investigate further.
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What percentage is taken out of your paycheck for income social security and medicare taxes?

7.65% from th employee and the employer pays the same amount on the employees behalf.   Wages subject to FICA is defined slightly differently than for other purposes, so so

What can be taken out of a paycheck?

Anything you want and the payroll provider agrees to have taken out.   In regards too "must be taken out"....the list is endless and depends on circumstances - but obviousl

Can you request no taxes be taken out of your paycheck?

You can request that no federal income tax be taken out of your paycheck. You cannot request that no Social Security tax be taken. State tax rules vary by state. But be awar

Can your federal tax refund be taken?

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How much of your paycheck is taken for tax?

You do not have any set percentage amount for this purpose. You employer payroll department may be able to give you an amount that they are required to withhold from your gros

If you are a minor do you get federal taxes taken out of your paycheck?

Yes. At the same rates as anybody else. (There are some special treatments for children who work as household employees or who work for their own parents.) Of course, if you

What percentage should be taken out of a paycheck for federal taxes?

That is going to vary greatly based on you paycheck. The two factors are the number of dependents you claim on your W-4 when you fill it out and your totally annual salary. An

Incorrect federal taxes were taken out of my paycheck this year. Im being told i cannot get that money back because they have already reported it to the IRS is this correct?

If your employer overwithheld taxes from your wages, change your W4 to have less withheld until you are where you want to be.Your employer could get your withholding back by f

How many taxes should be taken out of your paycheck?

Social Security and medicare insurance amount of 7.65% will be withheld from your gross pay plus the other amount the employer payroll department will be required to withhold

What percentage of a paycheck is taken out for federal tax in Arizona?

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