Why is pennsylvania named Pennsylvania?

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Pennsylvainia is named pennsylvania because William Penn got a charter from king charles and he wanted to name it "Sylvania" meaning "woods" . Then he put his last name in the front and it turned out Pennsylvania. Meaning Penn's Woods,.
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How did Pennsylvania get its name?

Answer #1 Penn is for Admiral Sir William Penn. Pennsylvania means Penn'sWood. The original land grant for the territory went to WilliamPenn. William Penn was a man who stood for true religious freedom, andduring his time only one colony practiced this, and lead a group ofQuakers and treated the Na (MORE)

How was Pennsylvania named?

It was named after the founder William Penn and sylvania, which means forest, so basically "Penn's Forest".

Who was Pennsylvania named after?

William Penn (son) founded Pennsylvania. King Charles II named theland Pennsylvania after William Penn's father, Admiral Sir WilliamPenn, and himself. His last name is the first part of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania was known as Penn's Woods or Penn's Forest. The firstpart "Penn" is for William Penn, (MORE)

What is Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is a state in the United State It is bordered by New York, New Jersey, Ohio, West Virginia and Delaware.

Who thought of the name Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is named after William Penn, Sylvain is a french word meaning wooded area or forest, Penn's woods, Pennsylvania. And all is true and correct except that the William Penn that King Charles II named this land grant after was the father of the person receiving the actual grant Admiral Will (MORE)

Why was Pennsylvania named Pennsylvania?

a Quaker named William Penn came to America to have his own religion. he got the land because the king had owned William's dead fathers money, so instead of giving William his fathers money he gave him the land in America. since Williams thought that the land was going to filled with forests, Willia (MORE)

What is the origin of the name king of Prussia Pennsylvania?

Frederic the great-king of Prussia played violin.His violin was played also by Joan Sebastian Bach.A marvellous Stradivari violin -now in the Stradivari collection of a Venetian lawyer.The name King of Prussia was given to the town because of admiration for this music lover king and his famous violi (MORE)

Name of the US Congressmen of Pennsylvania?

The 19 US Representatives in the 111 th Congress by District are: . Robert A. Brady (D) a career politician from Philadelphia and the Chairman of the House Committee of House Administration. . Chaka Fattah (D) a career politician from Philadelphia. . Kathy Dahlkemper (D) a Freshman landscaping (MORE)

What are the names of the representatives for Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has 12 Democratic and seven Republicans in the 111 th Congress including: . Brady . Fattah . Dahlkemper . Altmire . Thompson . Gerlach . Sestak . P. Murphy . Shuster . Carney . Kanjorski . Murtha . Schwartz . Doyle . Dent . Pitts . Holden . T. Murphy and . Platts.

What is the colony name of Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania state was also called Pennsylvania as a colony. It was named for Admiral William Penn, its founder's father. "silva" means "forest" in Latin, so the whole name means "Penn's Forest."

What is the origin of the name pennsylvania?

The name of the European to bring in settlers was William Penn. Thearea was covered with forests. The Latin word for forest isSylvania. The area became Pennsylvania or Penn's Forest.

Who gave Pennsylvania its name?

william penn Pennsylvania is a commonwealth. It was granted as a colony to William Penn. PA's name breaks into two; Penn (William Penn's last name) and Sylvania or woodland, not sure what language that is. So PA means Penn's woodland.

What is the origin of the name of the state Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania American colony, later U.S. state, 1681, lit. "Penn's Woods," a hybrid formed from the surname Penn (Welsh, lit. "head") + L. sylvania (see sylvan). Not named for William Penn, the proprietor, but, on suggestion of Charles II, for Penn's late father, Admiral William Penn (1621-70), wh (MORE)

How did Pennsylvania grt its name?

From its founder William Penn. Pennsylvania was given to William Penn to settle by England for his founding of the Quaker church. The Quaker church also built the first breweries of beer in the United States right here in Pennsylvania.

How many nick names does the state of Pennsylvania has?

It has accepted nicknames like the Quaker State and the Keystone State, and is also sometimes called the Coal State, The Oil State for Drake's well, the State of Independence for the Declaration of Indepence and the Snackfood Capital of the World.

How was Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania was named after the Quaker William Penn. Penn(William Penn ) sylvania(land) Pennsylvania= Penn's land

Why is Pennsylvania an appropriate name?

It was named by King Charles II in honor of Admiral Sir William Penn who was the father of the Founder of the Colony and the name means Penn's woods. Appropriate becaus it was heavily wooded with old growth hardwood forests.

Who was the Pennsylvania colony named after?

In 1681, the land charter for the region was granted by Charles IIto William Penn in order to repay a debt of 16,000 Pounds owed toWilliam Penn's father, Admiral William Penn. As such, Pennsylvaniawas named after William Penn. The name was a combination of "Penn's(plural possessive) Woods" or Penn's (MORE)

What king was Pennsylvania named after?

It was not named after a King but was named by King Charles the second to honor Admiral Sir William Penn the father of the colony's founder William Penn.

What are facts about how they named Pennsylvania?

It was not named for William Penn the founder of PA. . It was not named by William Penn the founder of PA. . It was named for Admiral Sir William Penn. . It was named by King Charles II. . William Penn wanted it named Sylvania. . Sylvania is latin for woods or forests. . Pennsylvania means Pen (MORE)

How did Hershey Pennsylvania get its name?

Milton Hershey created his factory there, and the town was built around it to support the facory workers and their families. Now, it is a large town and is also a very popular tourist spot.

Where is Pennsylvania?

In the northeastern and Middle Atlantic region of the UnitedStates. It is one of the United States adjacent to New Jersey, New York,Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland.

What does Pennsylvania not have?

Pennsylvania does not have ocean front properties or an ocean view.Thus, you cannot find a whale in PA---but you'd hear plenty ofwhopper stories about fish caught (or that got away). It has veryfew places that are flat---but it has unending rolling hills andmountains. It also has no deserts--but ple (MORE)

Where did the state of Pennsylvania get its name?

William Penn founded the state. He named it after himself and hisfather in "Penns-" and "sylvania" means forest. It was known asPenn's Forest or Penn's Wood, e.g. note the possessive on his name,showing ownership of the land. The reason forest or woods wasimportant was because when the US was discov (MORE)

How Pennsylvania state get it name?

well when george washimngton was gettin g thae u.s. everyone wanted him to name a land that was just found. his son name was penn and his daughter was name sylvannia so yeah pennsylvannia

What are the names of the oceans in Pennsylvania?

That is easy to answer! There are absolutely no oceans inPennsylvania. In fact, no oceans exist "in" or inside any State ofthe United States. The closest ocean to Pennsylvania is theAtlantic Ocean, but it does not touch Pennsylvania.