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Why is profit maximization not an appropriate goal of the firm?

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A firm cannot survive with mere profit maximization, but must increase long-term security through investment and meeting shareholder expectations. This will increase their productive capacity for the furture as well as encourage the risky capital investment of the shareholders.
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Is profit maximization an appropriate for a business?

  Answer   Profit maximization is the ONLY appropriate goal for a business. Even under a so-called "social responsibility" regime, a business only engages in such s

What is difference between profit maximization and wealth maximization. which one of them is more appropriate goal of financial management and why?

Profit Maximization     It means the rupee income of firms. Firms may function in the market economy or government economy. In market eco

When a firm is maximizing profit what else will it maximize?

When a firm maximizes its profit, it automatically maximizes its shareholder value. When both profit and the shareholder value increase, in course of time, the overall firm va

Why maximizing shareholers' wealth is always the goal of a firm instead of maximizing profits of the firm's?

The foundation of a firm is the investment, the wealth of its promoters and more importantly the share holders. Share holders have invested their money in the firm basing on t

Basically every firm has only one goal profit maximization true or false?

According to textbook economics, this is true. High profits make happy shareholders. The more monopolistic a company can behave, the higher profits will be. A good example wou

Why is the wealth maximization rather than the profit maximization preferred goal to the financial managers of a business firm?

The two objectives of financial managment are (a) profit maximaization and (b) Wealth maximisation. Profit mxaimisation - maximisation of profits irrespective of consiquences

Why firms want to get maximize profit?

Some firms want to get maxim profit because they are greedy.  Other firms may accept less than maximum profit due to balancing profit against other values such as: concern fo

Is profit of wealth maximization an appropriate goal of corporations?

Wealth maximization is the appropriate objective of an enterprise. When the firm maximizes the stockholder's wealth, the individual stockholder can use this wealth to maximiz

Why profit maximization is not a goal of firm?

Profit determine if you stay in business at all as no business can operate at a loss! Maximization of these profits has key essentials for any business here is but a few as