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Solar power doesn't pollute or cause any type of harm to the environment, unlike other resources like oil and coal and nuclear power. It is renewable and free and many people believe solar power is the best energy of the future. Plus it does not need any special thing or formula from the Earth's environment.

Solar panels are important to humans because they are a collector of a renewable energy source and easy to use. They collect light and transfer it into energy. They are the technology of tomorrow that will allow us to have a greener earth.

Without solar energy, we wouldn't live.
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How does solar power power homes?

There is must have a good explanation at the related link below.    Or, think of it this way: The sun is creating energy through heat.  If there was a way to trap that

Is solar power or wind power better?

That would depend on where you live. Wind power will create moreenergy if you live in an area where the wind blows consistantly. Most wind turbines function poorly, or not at

How much power is generated from solar power?

In theory the maximum amount of power arriving from the sun is about 1.3 kilowatts on every square metre. The standard 1.6 square metre solar panel such as installed on roofs

Is solar power better or is it hydro power?

Location, Location, Location. If you're on a major river, Hydro is great (as long as it doesn'tinterfere with the environment too much). On the other hand, Solar is avail any

Is solar power or nuclear power better?

The 'power' that comes from a both nuclear and solar is the same - it's electricity. Nuclear power is quite clean while it is being produced (assuming nothing goes wrong wit

What is solar power?

Solar power is used synonymously with solar energy or more specifically to refer to the conversion of sunlight into electricity. This can be done either through the photovolta

Is solar power a clean power source?

Yes, solar power is a clean power source. It produces no waste products due to running off of the photoelectric effect.

How are solar power and wind power unreliable?

Solar Panel Issues Include Solar energy is not available 24 hours a dayCloudy weather reduces solar outputDust on solar panels reduce the power outputAs temperature of the so

How do you get solar power?

A solar panel is a collection of solar cells added in series. Roughly 36 of them are out into this chain to develop the 12 VDC that is a default standard. ( You may also buy

How can Solar Power convert power?

In a crystal, the bonds [between silicon atoms] are made of electrons that are shared between all of the atoms of the crystal. The light gets absorbed, and one of the electron
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How are solar power and wind power alike?

They are both an alternate energy and they both helping the environment.   Neither source provides any real power and the cost of energy used to create the devices is nev
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How does solar energy turn into solar power?

  Light striking a silicon semiconductor causes electrons to flow,  creating electricity. Solar power generating systems take advantage  of this property to convert sunl