Why is sport important in American culture?

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Sports are important in American culture because it shows who you are and what u play for. For example, soccer is most common in Italy or Spain.
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Are sports important in Spanish culture?

Very, and their importance is growing everyday. Kids have sports at school as part of the syllabus from a very early age (that means 3 hours a week and consists of gym and may include football, basketball, volleyball and even swimming at the town's sports club, since most schools make special arrang (MORE)

Why are sports important?

Sports are very important. Some people play sports for money and fame, but I think the true meaning is to have fun. Children join teams and make friends, and isn't that just a great thing, to know that you have those friends to trust and to grow up with. You can also enjoy sports because you know th (MORE)

What is the importance of sports?

Sports are very important. Not only to kids, but for adults aswell. When you play sports, you meet so many people you probablywouldn't if you didn't play. You get to know people that enjoyplaying the same sport you do. Sports aren't only fun, they keepyou in shape too. You improve your agility, endu (MORE)

Why sports are important?

I have wondered this myself. Sports are only important in one way. That is the entertainment industry. Think about it, sports only are given pride and entertainment for people to see. That is the only reason sports are important. Sure they may be ways to get yourself exercised, but you can do that b (MORE)

What is the American culture?

American culture is made up of religions, foods, education, music, languages, holiday traditions, technology, and freedoms.

What is the importance of culture?

- Culture determines what we know-- the sum of all the angles in a triangle; what a screw driver is used for; how to use a computer to find out where Peloponnesians are. . - Culture determines what we don't know-- how to catch a fish by hand; how to build a dugout canoe and navigate the (MORE)

Why sport is important?

sports are important because you get strength and it is fun. you have to work out or then you are not gonna have energy in your body that's why sports is important

Why is culture important?

Culture is important because When the word "culture" is mentioned, we can think of many things as "cultural", such as language, clothings... etc, because we classify cultures of different places. However, culture is so valuable that it has to be kept for thousands of years,and passed on by one gene (MORE)

How did sports influence American culture?

Sports are important in American culture because it gives everyonea shared language and a common thread. In a diverse society commonground helps bring people together.

Important of sport?

i don't think any one in the world has the ability to answer this incredibly ambiguous question.

How is culture important?

Culture is important because it can bring people together and you can learn how other people in a different culture live their life.

What are the importance of culture?

To follow your own beliefs and values and tradition. Although some things you believe in might be true to you and/or your culture, it could still be illegal such as terrorism.

How culture important?

Culture is Important because it defines us, it makes us or our state/province/country who we/they are. In history it is important because it was the general reason historical figures did what they did. It is the same for nowadays. If you want to learn about specific cultures, use google.

Is there an American culture?

Yes there is. Americans wear baseball caps and watch sports. They eat hamburgers. I have lived in the US my entire life. I do not wear* baseball caps, I hardly ever watch sports because I do have better things to do (no offense if you do), and I'm a vegetarian. Oh, I must not be an American then, (MORE)

How did American sports influence Australian culture?

In a word - minutely.. Whilst it could be argued that sports like cricket and rugby have taken on some American aspects in terms of promotion and televised coverage, the essence of the sports remain British. It is important to note here that forms of Baseball were played in Britain long before the (MORE)

What is the most important cultural events in American politics?

1. Economic situation 2. Oil Consumption Crisis 3. The War in Iraq and Afghanistan 4. Environmental Concerns (global warming) 5. A multitude of religious/fundamentalists arguments The order of these issues are relative from person to person in terms of importance.

What is the important sport?

All are equal. It depends upon you that which game u join... But i play table tennis because i am fond of it :) :)

Why were the horses and buffalo so important to Native American culture?

Horses were important to the Native Americans because it allowed them to travel vast distances in shorter periods of time. Thus allowing them to strike enemies and prey at a quicker pace. Buffalo were important because it was the main meat provider for the tribes. The buffalo pelts were used to cove (MORE)

Why was the Harlem Renaissance important to the American culture?

I would say because of the literary and musical contributions to society; the symbol of the Roaring '20s. It was a burst of African American culture; even though Caribbeans and French also participated. Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Bessie Smith were just some of the great musicians that beca (MORE)

What does sports have to do with culture?

well my people came up with le cross i guess you could say diffrent religions play diffrent sports but it's not true because there are so man diff sports ppl playing diff from most of other ppls point of view they say like off African Americans play basket ball and like only ittalians play soccer al (MORE)

Why is culture not important?

With materialism and SELF becoming more important in human life, some thought that the culture is something an old tradition and old fashion. But it solely depends on their own country. Most of them believe culture is important for their whole life, because they are different from the modern times. (MORE)

What is important in sports?

It is the matter of staying in shape and working out for it. It helps you to stay fit and you can achieve so much more doing sports. There's Football, Soccer, Baseball, and Basketball are the main sports.

Are sports important?

Sports are important for physical activities, health, strength, fitness and to keep people from obesity, diseases and more.

Why is sport important?

Sports are very important to people of all ages. Sports will provide people of all ages with much needed physical exercise which can lead to better health and a better functioning body. Sports not only provide a means to get healthier, they also provide people with fun recreation. Sports are importa (MORE)

The most important group or intitution for children learning about American political culture is the?

The family is rapidly being displaced by institutions such as the electronic media, including television and the Internet. In addition, after early childhood, the schools and peer groups at least rival the early influence of the family. Even the influence of the family early in life has been diminis (MORE)

How does sports business affect American culture?

If death does not first occur due to other causes, http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Human and the vast majority of other http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Animal will eventually die from http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Senescence ("old age"). Remarkable exceptions include the http://wiki.answers.com/wiki (MORE)

How did American sports influence filipino culture?

The fact that the U.S. had possession of the Philippines until World War II allowed American culture, including sports, to rub off on the nation. This is present in many ways. For example, the fact that basketball is somewhat popular.

Why is storytelling important to Native Americans culture?

The reason why storytelling is so important to Native Americans' culture is because it passes down history of their ancestors and the creation of the Indians. Some of the stories that were told were about how things came to be, about why things happened, and to teach a lesson.

Do you think The romantic movement was important to American culture?

Yes, I think the romantic movement was important to American culture because if it had never occurred, we wouldn't have known about the influential painters, authors, and poets we know about today. (Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, a (MORE)

Is culture just as important as sport?

Culture and sports are the two sides of the same coins. Culture is our rich history and sport is our future investment but yes preserving culture is important. Culture marks our existence. Just for the sake, culture is the identity of every nation. Like, Indians are known by their Indian culture of (MORE)

Are sports good or bad in American culture?

They're pretty good in Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, and Basketball that is all I can think of that the USA are good at but they are very great at the sports listed above I actually think they are good at every sport but these are only the sports with national teams so that is pretty good these are only (MORE)

Are sports bad for American culture?

no and yes...... they are good because you meet new people test your abilitys havefun. they are bad because they can lead to permanate injuries also whenyou retire from a sport you will be all banged. also do you likehospitals?