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Swimming is fun because it is completely different from any other sport out there. You swim in a completely different environment, the water, and you get a full body workout. Not only that, but it is more of an individual sport than a team sport. This is not necessarily a good thing to everyone, but I like to swim because I can work on improving individually. Swimming is also fun because of all the neat tricks you can do in the water. Plus, on a hot day, what would you rather do, than swim?

Swimming is fun because you get cooled off when it is a hot day. You can play games in the water or next to the water, or just chill out for awhile.
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What do people in Cuba do for fun besides swimming?

Cuba is a beautiful country and the people are great. Cubans have many interests and hobbies just like everyone else anywhere else in the world. You just can not get bored in

Swimming is fun?

  Yes swimming is very very very very very very very ... fun

Is swim team fun?

  swim team is horrible and if you ever wnat to do it you will die and ruin your life   YES! it is very fun. You get to spend time with friends, but sometimes you wor

I have no goal nothing to try my hardest for i have a talent for writing and swimming but reading is fun not writing and swimming is only summer . i want to strive for something what do i do?

Swimming is not only in the summer. There are YMCA's and other community centers across the country. Depending on your age you can either join a team, or get a job as an assis

Cheap Fun places to swim in London?

I love swimming in Brockwell Park's Lido - loads of fun! It's pretty cheap but only open in summer, since it's an open air. The nearest tube station is Brixton and the nea

Is Swimming a Fun and Good Sport?

Swimming is a really fun sport if you know the basics of how to swim. It keeps you fit and healthy and burns more calories than running does. Swimming in compotitions are al

What do you do to have fun?

Run around at the park with my friends. Even though it may look childish because I'm almost 18, its still a lot of fun and its great exercise.

Fun games in a swimming pool?

Water Tag You pick one person to be it. While the person that's it Counts to ten everyone goes to a base. Then it's like tag for the rest of the game. It more fun with the

What are fun things to do in a pool by yourself that is not swim?

Good question, it kinda all depends on how old you are and what your definition of fun is. For teens and adults you might like laying out of a water chair. You can get a tan,
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