Why is the Alamo a symbol of America?

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It is identified as the spirit of Americans who will not accept a dictatorial government. It stands as a model of those people who stood their ground to the death in combatting an opposing force infiltrating the free land established by our forefathers for our future generations.
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What is the Alamo?

The Alamo is a Spanish mission, built in 1718 in what became thecity of San Antonio. In 1836, the citizens of the then Mexicanstate of Coahuila y Tejas tired of the dictatorial rule of Mexicanpresident Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and began a fight forindependence, known as the Texas Revolution. In (MORE)

What has the Siege of the Alamo come to symbolize?

Stupidity, the waste of lives, egoism and evil at the Alamo in the first place. Or consider this as an alternative possibility: It was 13 days of Glory. Sam Houston had alerted the World to the plight of Texas and as the Texas Army was moving eastward, troops were on the way to support the cause (MORE)

What was the Alamo about?

The Alamo war that started because the elected president, Santa Anna, took away some of the peoples rights away, so those people decided to fight back. . On i think March 6th, 1836 at i think from5:30 am to 6:15 am, 600 Mexicans defeated the 200 Texans who were defending the Alamo. 16 women and chi (MORE)

What is Americas national symbol?

The United States of America has three national symbols that allmean a lot to many of its citizens. The first is the flag, thesecond is the bald eagle, and the final one is the country'snational anthem The Star Spangled Banner.

What is the ticker symbol of the retirement vechicles that Mutual of America offers?

Like you, I could not find any ticker symbols for these funds. You could ask Mutual of America what they are.. Where do you have these funds? Is it in your 401k plan?. Some 401k plans have funds that do not have a ticker symbol. Usually these funds will be a "kissing cousin" to a fund with a t (MORE)

Who was at the Alamo?

Susanna Dickinson was one of the few people that survived the alamo. . Susanna Dickinson was one of the survivors of the Alamo.

What symbols represent the US of America?

While there are accepted symbols for the US, like the Flag, the Washington Monument, Mount Rushmore, and such; a person who is a symbol of the US will vary by the age or outlook of the viewer. I look to some of the Founding Fathers or some of the great Presidents of the last century. My kids have (MORE)

Did Britain or America have symbols of their own like the Nazis had the Swastika?

No , the British & Americans did not have the same sort of symbolism.. The Swastika was (is) the symbol for the German Nazi Party . It was used also by the German military as a national symbol after Adolf Hitler became German military Commander-in Chief.. The British & Americans used their flag (MORE)

Symbol of America?

There are a few symbols that represent America. This includes theStatue of Liberty and the Washington Monument. The Golden GateBridge is another symbol.

How did the outcome of the Alamo affect the rest of the Mexican-America war?

The Alamo was a battle fought during the Texas war of independence from Mexico (1835-1836), not during the Mexican-American War (1846-1848). It didn't mean much to the final outcome of the war, as it was almost by any accounts a massacre: 2,400 Mexican troops killed all but two of 182-260 Texans at (MORE)

What most symbolizes America?

From a Briton - Ignorance of the wider world. From an American - Freedom to: . live where I want . get an education . work where I choose . speak freely . write and communicate freely . read what I want . befriend or love whomever I like . congregate publicly . protest . take governme (MORE)

In the Alamo who was in it?

About 130 Texas volunteers made up of many European immigrants, Davy's Tennessee volunteers.. However, the only really significant people were William Travis, James Bowie, Davy Crockett and Juan Segein

Why was the Alamo named the Alamo?

The word Alamo is Spanish for Cottonwood and it is believed by some that the name originated from a nearby cluster of such trees. During the Mexican War for Independence, Spanish troops occupied the buildings for several years and the soldiers were from a place called Alamo del Parras , Coa (MORE)

Why is the Declaration of Independence as a symbol of America?

This early symbol of America is the cornerstone for our ideals of life, liberty and the personal pursuit of happiness. Combined with the role of a responsible government to its citizens, the Declaration Of Independence is the very foundation of our democratic nation. --Riverbrook

What can you do at the Alamo?

explore the alamo grounds, watch a movie based of alamo history, in the clara driscoll theater, its right on the alamo grounds. (i believe its called clara driscoll theater.), you can basically just explore the grounds,watch the alamo movie, visit the gift shop.

Did America side with Texas in the Battle of the Alamo?

No. Officially the US was not involved, but American volunteers (including former Congressman David Crockett) went to the Alamo specifically to fight for Texan independence. In 1836 the US had no grand designs on Texas. Even ten years later Texas was considered a lesser addition to the US when compa (MORE)

How did the Alamo get there?

It was originally a Mission, a church built for use by missionaries who wanted to spread Christianity to the natives in the area. The building itself was never completed. The Mission had been deserted for years by the time of the Texan War of Independence, and both armies had used it as a fort.

How has automobile come to symbolize America culturally?

Yes. This is because an automobile gives you mobility and that symbolizes your freedom to move around. It is not like train travel you set the schedule. Now it could be like air travel if you have your own airplane. If you have your own boat or yacht or ship that could also symbolize freedom. Even i (MORE)

What does a dragon symbolize in America?

In modern times, dragons have no place in American culture, but the early Native Americans (just to be clear, they're not from India) saw dragons as harbingers of extreme weather, both good and bad. On the good end of the spectrum, these creatures summoned forth heavy rain after a period of drought, (MORE)

Why is America a symbol of freedom?

America is a symbol of freedom for many reasons. The first being that we have liberties and rights that others in other countries do not have. We choose our leaders, they aren't given to us or born into a right. We also fought for our freedom from Englands rule.

What other birds was suggested as the national symbol for america?

Franklin wanted the turkey. He called it a proud bird and thought the eagle was a thief and not regal. He said, "An eagle is a bird of very bad moral character and does not even work for a living, but spends its time soaring around stealing fish and anything else edible that isn't nailed down." (thi (MORE)

What happened at the Alamo in america?

The Alamo refers to a historical event where Texians were caught off guard outside San Antonio. On the 8th day of the siege the Texians, against all odds, defeated the Mexican soldiers and defended the Alamo.

Who was at the battle of the Alamo who was in the Alamo?

The Battle of the Alamo was fought in 1836. This was a battle between the Republic of Texas and Mexico. Santa Anna led the Mexican forces. William Travis and James Bowie led the Texans. Davy Crockett is another famous person fighting on the side of Texas.

How does the Washington Monument symbolize America?

There is no real inherent symbolism beyond its form as an obelisk. The Washington Monument symbolizes America in that it is an iconic feature of Washington, D.C., the capital city, and that it is a monument to the first president George Washington.