Why is the Pope called Holy Father?

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The word "pope" is latin for "Papa." The pope is considered the "father" of the church. In the Bible, spiritual leaders such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and even the Apostle Paul, are called fathers in a spiritual sense.
"Holy" refers to the fact that the pope has been given a job to do by God, and set apart (which is what holy means) for this purpose.
Jesus' prohibition on using the terms "father" and "teacher" refer to a matter of pride, not a prohibition on the use of certain words. Otherwise the Bible wouldn't use the terms for humans, and we couldn't call our male parent "father".

.  Catholic AnswerGod is holiness itself, He is the very definition of holiness, and we can only grasp barely a glimmer of what He actually is, who is Being and Love itself. Nevertheless, He became incarnate as a human being so that He could communicate Himself to us, and we could approach Him without being destroyed at the very thought. To continue to be with us through the rest of history, He formed His Church, and appointed His apostle Peter as its first Vicar. The Vicar of the Kingdom in the Davidic kingdom in the Old Testament held the "keys of the kingdom" and ruled with the King's own authority - read Isaiah. Our Blessed Lord gave the "keys", His own authority and prestige to His Vicar on earth, Peter and His successors, so out of honor for God, we offer the honor due to Him to His Vicar NOT because His Vicar is holy in an of himself, but because of Whom he represents.
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truly even he is not our biological father, he was considered our spiritual father' To be honest. Yes he is, he is the messenger of god and god is all of our fathers which