Why is the US considered to be the police officers of the world?

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Becuase, after world war 2 there was only two countries that could focus on there military, the US and Soviet Union, and both had most imput on the UN when it was started. Then the US and Soviet Union had different views on how to run there country and then fought with each other when communism started spreading, the cold war. The Soviet Union fell and the US was now the supper power of the world, with China rising behind it. Then the US became dependent on other countries for its resources the people need and now we just go out and protect "our friends and allies", but were really just trying to protect what the government needs to keep our economy running.
In short, the US just go out and claim its fighting to protect us but were just using it to get more resources.
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How do police officers use math?

Police Officers use math very little during the course of their career. Math would depend on what Branch of law enforcement you cover. Example, A traffic reconstruction expert would need math to work out how the accident ended up the way it did, i.e. skid marks. Forensics is also another Branch of t (MORE)

Would a police officer be considered a public official?

so body who died Random answer above is what I saw that made no sense. I think the answer would vary in different countries. A Public Pfficer is one who performs public functions / duties of government by virtue of direct provision of law, popular election, or appointment by competent autho (MORE)

What weapons do police officers use?

police have been known to use tazers, hand guns, and shotguns The most common are 9mm pistols, knight sticks and tazers. I believe the Glock 9 is the most common firearm used by police.

What do police officer use math for?

Math is used by police officers as a part of many investigations. Measurements and calculations are very often needed for a traffic accident or investigation of a crime scene. The forensic experts use math to determine how and when some crimes have occurred.

Do police officers use microscopes?

Not in the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland). All forensic support services, including the forensic examination of operational crime scenes, is undertaken by unwarranted civilian support staff.

When can a police officer use deadly force?

In the United States, a police officer is justified in using deadly force against another person when the other person is putting the officer's life, or the life of another citizen, in immediate danger of death or grave bodily harm. When their or someone else's life is in immediate danger.

Why do police officers use math?

No offense to you, but logically that was a very stupid question. Math is not only used by mathematics people, yet it used in all careers. For example, if police didn't know math, how are they going to get paid well. Another very significant reason, using a gun is not only pointing it and poom! shoo (MORE)

What pistal do police officers use?

It depends on the locality. Locally to me, the city officers carry a Sig 229M, county officers carry a Beretta 96D, and state troopers carry a S&W Sigma (I think...it may have changed). Each department sets its own regulations and policies for what its officers carry. Glocks are pretty common. I bel (MORE)

What guns do police officers use?

Each police agency has their own set of requirements for hand guns. ------------- It depend on state, station or personal preference. In U.S, Most use glock 19s 9 mm. Some use berretta 92fs 9mm

What are the technologies used by a police officer?

police dont use allot of technology in this job. The technology that they would use is a computer that they use to find chriminals, write statements of other people and communicate with other police stations.

How many policer officers are in the US?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of police officers of all types, as of 2008 is 1,649,300. See the link below for a breakdown of this total by type of officer.

What Weapons police officers used in 1800?

Probably the sidearm most commonly used by law enforcement officers in the 19th century was the single action revolver. Of course, as the century progressed and technology improved, by the end of the century the single-action revolver was being supplanted by the double-action revolver.

Can a Canadian police officer work in the US?

The Canadian police can, and do, work inside the U.S. but if you are asking if they can become employed by a a U.S. police agency, no, they cannot. Not unless they became a naturalized US citizen.

Do police officers use CPR?

Depends - some may be trained to however it is not required whenentering the police force. Usually when there is an accident,medics respond as well as police officers.

What types of technology do police officers use?

Police officers use technology such as, but is not limited to: Cars, guns, tasers, walkie talkies, sat-navs, breath testers, computers for checking stuff and lights to direct you. Hope this helped.

To be a police officer do you have to use a firearm?

In most cases, yes. If the police in your area are armed then you would also be required to carry and qualify with firearms. However, this is not always the case. In countries such as those within the United Kingdom , the standard police officers are unarmed, with only trained Authorised Firear (MORE)

Why do police officers use steroids?

Your question assumes facts not in evidence. If you are aware of officers using illegal drugs, it should be reported to the proper authorities, not bantered on a website.

Why is police officer consider a public servant?

A public servant works in any department of state or territory government. Police are a department in state/territory government that receives funding from tax dollars. Added: ANY employee of government (local/county/state/federal) is a so-called "public servant" because their salaries are paid (MORE)

Where in the world can police officers legally smoke marijuana?

I'd say Amsterdam. Here in Vancouver we're referred to as West Amsterdam but technically it's still illegal here and cops can have no association with it. I'm sure with the medicinal marijuana loopholes in the US a cop could smoke weed if say he had a prescription for it.

What tools do police officer use?

I don't know all tools. A police officer's main tool is the computer but other tools include a patrol car, motorcycle, pistol and Taser....

What do police officers mainly use math for?

Officers have to be able to tally the cost of individual items to determine total loss in a crime. They may be required to compute the duration of time between two times or dates. Accident investigation involves numerous formulas to calculate speed from skid mark measurements, crush depth of vehicle (MORE)

What gun do police officers in Missouri use?

The type of firearm carried by any law enforcement officer is determined by the officer's employer and sometimes the officer him/herself. Most law enforcement agencies permit their officers to carry any one of several sidearms from an approved list. The most commonly carried firearm in the United St (MORE)

Why do police officers need to use discretion?

There is no requirement in any law that it be applied with discretion. Therefore, except for the sociological and political aspects of their job, police officers are not required (i.e.: do not "need to") use discretion. The fact that they do apply it in some instances, and not in others, is why it (MORE)

Can a police officer use violence to arrest you?

Police officers are allowed to use force deemed as reasonable in a range of situations. For example if a person wielding a knife was acting violent and threatening towards an officer then reasonable force will be deemed as using a baton, using CS gas or physically using preemptive strikes in order (MORE)

What do police officers use breath analyzers for?

Police officers use breath analyzers to test drivers for the presence of alcohol or other substances. They can tell if a driver is over the legal alcohol limit and therefore a danger to other drivers.

When did the US become the world police?

The United States cannot be described as the world's policeforce. It would be difficult to build such a case. What can be said about the United States is that after WW2, the USAwas only major world power that did not have its ownterritory ravaged by the war. The USA was in positionprovide financi (MORE)

What do police officers use Microsoft Word for?

They can use it for all sorts of things. They could be typing upreports of crimes they are investigating. They could be typingdetails of a person that they are talking too. Many of the formsthat they use could be done with Microsoft Word. Basically anythingthat they want to type up, could use Word, (MORE)

How much technology do police officers use?

Quite a lot. For example, in the cruiser, police officers haveaccess to an MDT(Mobile Data Terminal), this can be used to runlicense plates, text other officers, run background checks, seewhere other officers are, get a map of the city, and some othercool things. Going back to the license plates, so (MORE)