Why is the advantage to an ozone producing uv light?

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Ozone is a much better sanitizer than chlorine, except that it doesn't provide a residual. You should also look into corona discharge units too. They may produce more ozone than "UV".

UV-based ozone generation is less sensitive to moisture in the air. It also produces an order of magnitude less ozone-per-watt than corona-based units. UV-based units are properly sized for spas, but not home pools.
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of UV or ultraviolet light?

The disadvantage are that it can cause skin cancer if you are exposed to sufficient amounts of UV light (in particular, UV-B and UV-C light). See the Related Questions link to

How does UV destroy the Ozone layer?

It doesn't. UV-B destroys ozone. UV-C breaks apart oxygen, and some of that oxygen later forms more ozone. So UV makes and destroys ozone, but the ozone layer stays as long

What is completely absorbed by the ozone is it x-rays- gamma rays- visible light- UV- microwaves- radio waves- or infrared waves?

In order of increasing energies:. radio waves , passes through ozone. . microwaves , passes through ozone, but there are some resonances in "spinning" the molecule at a few

What would best support the theory that increased exposure to UV light from holes in the ozone layer is causing an increase in the number of deformed frogs?

Too bad you didn't bother to supply the list... But "holes in the ozone layer" are endangering NO frogs. Ozone depletion maybe, but not "ozone holes". The holes are found

How much of uv light does the ozone layer block?

UV-C and more energetic light is blocked by the ozone and nitrogen at and above the ozone layer. UV-B is blocked by the ozone in the ozone layer. UV-A is passed through, large

How is UV light related to the ozone layer?

UV is related to ozone layer. UV is the creator of ozone. It also depletes the layer of ozone.

How can ozone block UV rays?

Ozone blocks UV rays by decomposing it into oxygen. It is veryimportant process.