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Why is the letter I used for electrical current?

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Why is i used for electrical current?

It is mostly convention. However this produces conflicts with the  conventional mathematics usage of i as the square root of -1 in  complex numbers, so in electronics the co

What does electric current do for us?

  If the question means "What does electricity do for us?" then we could mention lighting, heating, cookers, refrigerators, telephones and cellphones, radios, TVs, compute

How do you use Electric Current in a sentence?

The light bulb creates light when electric current flows through the filament. Electric current is the movement of charges. It takes electric current to run an electric mo

Which device is used to store electric current?

  Strictly speaking "current" is not stored ... unless you want to talk about modern, superconducting magnets.   What we're able to store, move from place to place, and

Is direct electric current used in transformers?

no direct current is not used in transformers. the reason is that, if dc is used, there would be no counter emf to oppose it in the primary winding. since the constant flux

Can an electrical current ever get used up?

No, if it is ever, "Used up" then that means that there is no more flow of electrons. That in turn would mean no electric current is flowing. From Ohm's Law V=IR we get I=V/R.

What is the unit used to express electric current called?

A, Amps or amperes. an ampere is equal to one coulomb/second (basically a LARGE set number of electrons flowing through a cross section per second) the cross section could be

Why alternating current is use for electrical system?

The transmission of electrical energy requires very high voltages (for a given load, the higher the supply voltage, the lower the load current). To increase/reduce these volta