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The space shuttle program is ending because we have lost our thirst for exploration and conquest. For one thing, there is no pressure from population growth; many nations around the world are challenged by the problem of not having enough workers. Their birth rates are low--below replacement level (Japan, all the Scandinavian countries, all the European countries, too many to list). There is no point to making space colonies if there are no longer enough middle class people on earth. It dulls the desire for it. For another thing, we have made fun the most important motivation for humans, especially sexual fun. This doesn't provide the platform for sacrifice, and space exploration requires that. Consider just for starters the real discomfort of living for prolonged periods of time in very small quarters. It takes a little saintliness, and we are losing that, as a standard, more every day. And why not, we are intent on killing religion and anything else that would interfere for one moment with the 'all fun all the time' avatar we've created for ourselves. For sacrifice to matter, you need some transcendent consequence. Secularism--atheism--tries to substitute bogus love for for mankind, for love for God, but that's because they haven't met the real mankind. Yet. They're very dumb. They forget so quickly what a mob can do.

We could reverse much of this is we'd give God a chance to rule our hearts and stop using birth control and permitting abortion. If we'd get married again. If we'd let women be women first, mothers and wives, and honor them for it, and love them for it. If we'd honor virtue again, instead of promoting weakness and indifference.

Advice lovingly given: get married and have kids, lots of them. Love each other madly. Go to a Catholic church restored from Vatican II, or if not that, please go to as conservative a church as you can, and make it a point to find out what conservative does and does not mean.

I'm willing to try to reverse our bad choices. Are you? When we regain our sense of mission and purpose, we'll do it. Please don't give up.

Space is out there just waiting for us! It's worth doing!
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