Why is the weather so wet in Wales?

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In Wales
For two main reasons... 1) Wales is close to both the Atlantic ocean and also to the Irish sea. 2) Wales has a lot of mountains, so moisture laden air coming in from the Atlantic ocean and the Irish sea is forced to rise higher into the atmosphere when it meets the mountains. This damp air cools down as it rises higher and causes rainfall. This is called relief rainfall 0=)
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What can cause a pickup to stall out in snow and wet weather?

%DETAILS% Sure sounds like ignition to me, Particularily cap,rotor and wires. If replaced were they autozone junk or quality ones? Did you use dielectric grease on them? check underneth hood at dark and watch 4 fire or sparks b careful watch where you place your hands

Why do vaginas get so wet?

It is a natural reaction to stimulation. It prepares the vaginal canal for penetration. It will ease the comfort and make sex easier. It is also a self cleaning organ. It flushes out any "bad" stuff to help keep it clean.

Brazil rainforest weather wet or dry?

The rain forest has 4 layers. They are the forest floor, the under story, the canopy and last there is the emergent layer. First is the forest floor which is on the bottom. The forest floor is 0 feet above the ground. Next there is the understory. The understory is 0 feet to 60 feet above the (MORE)

What is the weather in Wales?

Sun sun sun! In winter it goes down to about -20 degrees centigrade and there's lots of snow- lots of famous skiing races our held in the mountains of North Wales around the Snowdonia area. In the summer it can get up to around 45 degrees centigrade with lots of sun all year round. The welsh climate (MORE)

Why does Wales have so many castles?

Wales has alot of castles because it's been invaded so many times. Castles were built by the invaders to keep the local people under control and to stop any firther uprising/invasion.. But despite them all - we are still here!!! Da ni yma o hyd!!!!

Why are cats noses so wet?

A cats nose could be wet to keep the cat cool. Another theory isthat the moisture of a cats nose helps the cat be more sensitive todifferent odors. If the cats nose is wetter than usual, she couldhave a cold.

Why is it wet in Wales?

I asked exactly the same question to my science teacher in Comprehensive school. She said it had something to do with it raining so much, combined with the rarity of sunny days. I think the time has come to put more money into research so that perhaps we could work towards a drier, less wet future f (MORE)

How is the weather in wales now?

Generally right now it's just really cold.. sometimes it rains ,sometimes its sunny , sometimes its windy , sometimes hailstones.... Today (03.11.08) it's been sunny but cold - refreshingly wintery. Some would complain but i like it.

What adaptations do animals need in cold wet windy weather?

Most animals in precipitative conditions have umbrellas growing out of their ears for obvious reasons. Some have evolved through natural selection to have developed rain resistant membranes whilst others wear mackintoshes and galoshes. However for windy weather, fish have developed vents in their ne (MORE)

Weather in Wales?

to be honest, it's mostly rainy and cold here you might occasionaly get the odd not too cold and slightly sunny day, but i wouldn't bring summer clothes if i were you...... summer's not too bad sometimes, if we're lucky we might ACTUALLY get some sun :O we didnt last year...it sucked..... hope this (MORE)

Was is the weather in Wales?

I live in south Wales, its wet most of the time, i carn't tell you about the heat of seasons because they are the only seasons iv ever known. Its can be between 10-30 degrees in summer and -5 - 10 degrees in winter.. I live in south Wales, its wet most of the time, i carn't tell you about the heat (MORE)

How does the tread make wet-weather driving safe?

The tread of tires is designed to channel the water between theridges, so that the upper tread stays in contact with the road. Thetread gives water someplace to go as the tire rolls. It channelsaway from the surface of the tire so that the tire will makecontact with the road. That is why it is easy (MORE)

Why is a dogs nose so wet?

Dogs continuously lick their noses, which makes them wet. They do this to keep their nose moist, similar to how humans lick their lips to keep them moist (or use a lip balm).

Can you lay asphalt in cold wet weather?

not recommended but it can be done. I live in London Ontario Canada, all our asphalt plants close in the winter. if you have a plant open then make sure all your preperation is done before you pick up the hot mix so that it is as hot as possible when you pave. remove all the standing water, level, c (MORE)

Which tires are best for a car in wet weather?

goodyears assuance tripple tread tires for a car are fantastic a little pricey but great u get ice, wet, and dry traction in 1 tire they run around $275 foe a set of 2 size 195/60/15 but they have them in almost every size good luck

Why are the rainforests so wet?

Rainforests are wet because the air pressure at the equator is low. Air is sucked in from the oceans which contains moisture. Low air pressure also means that air rises upwards. As the strong overhead sun evaporates moisture from the forest, the damp air rises, cools and condenses, producing thunder (MORE)

Why are there so many sheeps in Wales?

Wales has a lot of upland pasture (mountainside slopes which are low enough for good grass, but not suitable for arable farming). Such pasture is not suitable for Cattle (which prefer level fields) but makes excellent grazing for sheep. This is also the reason why Scotland and New Zealand are prim (MORE)

Why in hot weather roads appear wet?

In hot weather, roads appear wet because of a phenomenon called diffraction. The air close to a hot road has a different index of refraction that the cooler air above it. When light passes through 2 media of differing indices of refraction, the light will bend. This bending of light is called refrac (MORE)

Why does rainforests weather always wet?

Rainforests are wet because the air pressure at the equator is low. Air is sucked in from the oceans which contains moisture. Low air pressure also means that air rises upwards. As the strong overhead sun evaporates moisture from the forest, the damp air rises, cools and condenses, producing thunder (MORE)

What is the weather like in wales in June?

In different places the weather depends, as in some cities and towns it could be snowing, but in others, it could be sunny but a little bit cloudy. When it does look sunny though, it can be extremely cold, so people tend to be kept wrapped up warm anyway.

Why does low air pressure cause wet weather?

Consider that the pressure is low because air is converging into a center and then rising. This rising air creates a small vaccuum, lowering the pressure. And when air rises, it is forced to cool - if it cools to its dewpoint, as it nearly always does in these situations, it will condense into cloud (MORE)

Why am i so wet when having an intercourse?

If your really wet....That means your man is doing on hell of agood job. Guys find it attractive. When they feel it...that's theirsignal of that they are doing a good job...don't sweat it...itsnormal!:)

Why is it difficoult to start an engine during wet weather?

This is most likely due to the spark plug cables. An engine need a kick (as in a spark) for the combustion to start. Since we can only make sparks with quite high voltage, this also mean that the electricity is easily diverted by moisture. Wet cables, especially cables that are old and cracked (MORE)

Why is diarrhea is so wet?

Because it contains the liquids from the food and drinks you have had and when you have diarrhea this moves through your intestines too fast and/or your intestines are too irritated to absorb and use the liquids before the stool and accompanying liquids are eliminated. Sometimes your body also draws (MORE)

Why is diarrhoea so wet?

Diarrhea is the body's way of purging an irritant or pathogen from the intestines and colon. It does this by blocking the absorption of water, so as a result, it is instead used to quickly empty whatever is causing a problem.

How prevailing winds can bring wet weather to places?

If the prevailing winds travel a great distance over dry land, then they will not pick up or carry moisture to the place of concern. Also, if there are wet sources, but the winds encounter mountains afterward before arriving, the rising and cooling air going up the mountain sides will result in loss (MORE)

Why is the rainforest so wet?

Convection of the rainfall Convection: Typical of hot climates Convection occurs after morning sunshine heat shine moist air. Clouds form in the afternoon and rainfalls.

Why are daffodils so important to wales?

According to legend, St. David (the patron saint of Wales) wasgetting ready for a battle that took place in a leek field. He toldhis Britons to wear a leek in their caps to reduce casualties from"friendly fire", since their enemy, the Saxons, looked like theirbrothers. This produced a defining victo (MORE)

Why is it so cold and wet in Scotland?

Its cold in scotland because its furthest away from the gulf streamwhich warms the rest of the country. The cold air converts theevaporated water into rain. Also it not excacly (sorry cant spell)close to the equator. also alot of rainfall is from relief rainfallwhich is caused by the mountains.

How does salt keep wet roads from freezing in cold weather?

A pure substance always has a characteristic melting/freezing andboiling/vapor point. For water, the freezing point is at 0 degreesCelsius. Addition of other substances causes the original sustanceto have a change in these values. When you add salt in water, thefreezing point gets lowered to as low (MORE)

Why are Wales leeks so special?

According to legend on the eve of the battle against the Saxons StDavid advised the Welsh to wear leeks in their hats so as to easilydistinguish friend from the enemy as both armies wore similarpeasant clothing . ... It is also a surviving tradition thatsoldiers in the Welsh regiments eat a raw leek (MORE)