Why is there a green dot on the backs of NFL quarterbacks?

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The green dot is the result of a new rule in effect for the 2007 NFL season. The green dot helmet indicates that the helmet is wired with a radio for calling in plays to the quarterback.
Only one player with a radio is allowed on the field at a time.
The green dot on a helmet signifies a player who has a radio receiver in his helmet.
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Who is the tallest quarterback currently in the NFL?

Among active quarterbacks in the 2011 season, the tallest are all 6ft 6 inches tall (198 cm) : . Derek Anderson of the Carolina Panthers . Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens. Previous QBs at that height include John Navarre (IndianapolisColts 2007). The tallest modern quarterback was Dan McGwire (MORE)

Who is the highest paid NFL quarterback?

According to Sports Illustrated, in the NFL for the 2008 season that would be Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts who has a salary hit against the salary cap of $18,700,000. Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is second at $14,626,720. The highest paid quarter back is J.J Watts. He is a well (MORE)

Who was the shortest quarterback in the history of the NFL?

My guess is former Redskins and Cowboys quarterback Eddie LeBaron. He measured in at 5 feet 7 inches tall.. My guess is former Redskins and Cowboys quarterback Eddie LeBaron. He measured in at 5 feet 7 inches tall.. . Former Philadelphia Eagle quarterback Davey O'Brien was also 5 feet 7 in (MORE)

How many black quarterbacks are in the nfl?

Donvan McNabb . David Garrard . Vince Young . Pat White . Charlie Batch . Dennis Dixon . Troy Smith . JaMarcus Russell . Cleo Lemon . Michael Vick . Jason Campbell . DJ Shockley . Byron Leftwich . Josh Johnson . Josh Freeman . Daunte Culpepper . Tarvaris Jackson . Seneca Wallace

Who is the best quarterback in the NFL?

Lifetime: Aaron Rodgers has the highest quarterback ratingwith 104.1. Brett Favre threw the most completions with 6,300,most touchdown passes with 509, and the most yards with 71,838. Chad Pennington has the highest completionpercentage with 66.0. Most championships: Bart Starr with 5. Peyt (MORE)

Best nfl quarterback?

As of right now probably Tom brady has he has the most super bowl wins, and has great stats. However an argument can be made for each of the following Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron rodgers, Micheal Vick, Matt Ryan, Phillip River, Tony Romo, Eli Manning, Cam Newton, and Ben Roethlisberger

Do NFL quarterbacks have microphones?

Yes they do but only if the coach wants him to have it for a specific reason. Like if he's not the already quarterback who can't remember the plays. Yeah yeah if he wasn't that smart then why would the coach put him as QB. He might be the best dang QB in the world.

Who have been starting NFL quarterbacks since Brett Favre became a starter in Green Bay?

This is a list of the number of quarterbacks that have started for other teams during Brett Favre's streak. Chicago 21 Washington 18 Arizona/Phoenix 17 Miami 17 Oakland/L.A. Raiders 17 Atlanta 16 Cleveland 16 New Orleans 16 St.Louis/L.A. Rams 16 Baltimore 15 Dallas 15. (MORE)

What is the average NFL quarterback salary?

The base salary is set by the NFL, but an individual teamnegotiates its own contract length and terms. Many NFL startingquarterbacks earn more than $10 million per year. Eli Manning made$10 million in 2008; brother Peyton made 8.2 million. Carson Palmermade the most with $13.5 million. As of 2015, (MORE)

What importance do Quarterbacks have in the NFL?

They are the most important because they begin the play of the game. They have to have a good stance, hand positon, and ability to read the defense. They have to make good handoffs and passes so they can go down the field and score a touchdown

How many NFL coaches were NFL quarterbacks?

Through the years, many NFL quarterbacks have become head coachesin the league, ranging from Hall of Fame QB Norm Van Brocklin(Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons) to Gary Kubiak, the SuperBowl-winning coach of the Denver Broncos.. Of the 32 NFL head coaches in 2016, only Kubiak and Jason Garrettof (MORE)

Who can wear the green dot in the NFL?

In the NFL, the green dot on the helmet of a football player is used to represent that the player has a speaker in his helmet, to receive plays from the coaches. That is why the quarterback has one on his helmet. Starting in the 08-09 season a defensive player will also be allowed to have a speaker (MORE)

Who is your NFL quarterback?

Everyone has they're own opinion. But, mine would have to be Brett Favre. He retired, but now he's on the Jets.. Everyone has they're own opinion. But, mine would have to be Brett Favre. He retired, but now he's on the Jets.

Who are the top 50 NFL quarterbacks?

50 Curtis Painter 49 John Beck 48 Blaine Gabbert 47 Rex Grossman 46 Donovan Mcnabb 45 Chad Henne 44 Tim Tebow 43 Colin Kaepernick 42 Kyle Boller 41 Matt Leinart 40 Ryan Mallet 39 Jimmy Clausen 38 Charlie Whitehurst 37 John Skelton 36 Jason Campbell 35 Kevin Kolb 34 Stephen McGee 33 Brian Hoyer 32 Vi (MORE)

Who is the largest quarterback in NFL football?

Jared Lorenzen, 6 foot 3, 288 pounds. Currently in the NFL, the biggest are Ben Roethisberger - 6'5" 241 lbs, Daunte Culpepper - 6'4" 260 lbs, and Byron Leftwich - 6'5" 250 lbs. Jared Lorenzen was third-string at best and now is in the AFL.

Who was the worst quarterback in NFL history?

Ryan Leaf was the worst quarterback possibly even the worst playerto play in the NFL ever. He never called a play right , had loadsof interceptions, and didn't know how to evade the pocket! --- Ryan Leaf was a STARTING quarterback, which means he was MUCHbetter than most other quarterbacks in NFL h (MORE)

What Michigan quarterbacks played in the NFL?

Chad Henne, John Navarre, Drew Henson, Todd Collins, Tom Brady,Brian Greise, Elvis Grbac, are Jim Harbaugh are just some of theMichigan graduates who moved on to play in the NFL as QBs.

Who are the three oldest quarterback in the NFL?

currently in the nfl is Brett Favre at 40, but in NFL history the list is . 1. George Blanda 48 . 2. Steve DeBerg 44 . 3. Warren Moon 44* also #1. oldest black quarterback . 4. Vinny Testerverde 44* also #1 oldest starter to win a game 43 . 5. Doug Flutie 43

What NFL quarterback throws the hardest?

I have had several conversations with QB coaches and scouts and in no particular order: Mike Bishop, Randall Cunningham, Jay Cutler, John Elway, Brett Favre, Jeff George, Ryan Mallett, Dan McGuire, JaMarcus Russell, and Mike Vick, are generally considered to be the top 10 arms of the Scouting Combin (MORE)

How many NFL quarterbacks are from Louisiana?

In no discerning order Louisiana born NFL quarterbacks include: Terry Bradshaw Jake Delhomme Payton Manning Eli Manning Patrick Ramsey Bobby Hebert Doug Williams David Woodley Stan Humphries James Harris Kordell Stewert

Which NFL quarterbacks are Jewish?

I don't know of any ACTIVE Jewish quarterbacks, but I know that Jay Fielder is Jewish, and he played in the NFL from around 1994 to 2004 (I believe he played for the Eagles, Vikings, Jaguars and Dolphins). Sid Luckman of Bears fame was also Jewish, if you want to go WAY back in history.

Who is the tallest quarterback in NFL history?

Dan McGwire, a quarterback who was with the Seahawks and Dolphins between 1991-1995, is the tallest QB to play in the NFL at 6' 8". He is the brother of the former baseball star Mark McGwire. (some records list him as 6 feet 7½ inches)