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Keeping the 'H' in 'Pittsburgh' Here is a bit of interesting history from the City of Pittsburgh (explaining the "h"):

In 1890, the United States Board on Geographic Names standardized the names of all US cities and towns. One of the new standards forced the final "h" to be dropped from "burgh." In 1911, after protests from citizens wishing to preserve the historic spelling, the US Board reversed its earlier decision, restoring the "h" in Pittsburgh - now a part of our heritage.

Because of this interesting (and somewhat obscure) piece of history, we have adopted "Keeping the H in Pittsburgh" as our official slogan. Just as the "h" was kept in Pittsburgh, our hope is that we can help to preserve and keep our heritage in the Pittsburgh region.

  • In the original letter that General Forbes sent to his commanders upon capturing the French Garrison at Ft. Duquesne in 1758 (1759?) he declared the new settlement to be called "Pittsbourgh" in honor of the British Prime Minister at the time and the chief contributor to the early expansion west for the colonists William Pitt the Elder, also Scots had much to do with it I believe Forbes was Scottish and I know for a fact that Scottish Highlanders were a chief part of the military company that won what is now Pittsburgh for the British and thus the Americans. For a time in the late 19th century, the U.S. Census Bureau standardized all spellings of "burg" and "burgh" by forcing Pittsburgh to drop the "h." Senator Oliver and a petition drive finally made the official spelling back to the "h" ending in the early 20th century though unofficially many in the area defied the new policy and continued to spell it with an "H". The first mention ever of the area in the English language has always had an "h" at the end.

  • There are other cities named "Pittsburg" - without the "h" - in the US.
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Is Pittsburghh in Pennsylvania?

Amongst others, yes, here is a list:. In the United States. Pittsburg, Alabama . Pittsburg, Arkansas . Pittsburg, California, named in 1911 . Pittsburg, Colorado . Pittsburg, Florida . Pittsburg, DeKalb County, Georgia . Pittsburg, Walker County, Georgia . Pittsburgh Landing, Idaho . Pitts (MORE)

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When did Mario Lemieux join the Pittsburghh Penguins?

Mario Lemieux was drafted by Pittsburg in the 1984 entry draft. He made is debut with the Penguins on October 11, 1984 against the Boston Bruins. it's also worth noting he scored his very first NHL goal on his first ever shot.

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In what county is Pittsburghh CA located?

It is in Contra Costa County and is spelled without the added 'h' as Pittsburg. It once had the 'h' just as it also had various other names including: . Black Diamond . City of New York of the Pacific and . New York of the Pacific.

What rhymes with Pittsburghh?

There are no common words that rhyme with Pittsburgh. There are two names that do: Nitzberg and Pittsburg (without an H).

Where is Pittsburghh?

It is in South Western Pennsylvania, near the Ohio and West Virginia borders. Pittsburg is in PA. There is also a city named Pittsburg in California, located in the Bay Area. . Pennsylvania . Pennsylvania on the Allegheny Plateau at the point where the Monongahela and the Allegheny Rivers join t (MORE)

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Pittsburg penguins won the Stanley cup on Friday June 12th 2009. They played the best of seven series against the Detroit Red Wings. The series was tied at 3 and Pittsburgh won 2-1 in Detroit to win the race for the Stanley Cup.

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What was the original name of the City of Pittsburghh?

The original name of Pittsburgh is Fort Duquesne. The current city of Pittsburgh is from the conglomeration of two towns, "Pittsburg" (without the 'h') and "Allegeny" (also without an 'h') just across the Allegheny River. Fort Duquesne was a Fench and Indian War outpost captured by George Washington (MORE)

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If the stove and range company of Pittsburghh opened in 1899 why do you have one dated 1897?

I have found this quote in a Genealogy report that might help: Later nine different plants, by consolidation, formed the Pittsburg Stove and Range Company, Mitchell & Company being one that went into the new organization. In 1881, Robert A. Duncan and Samuel R. Baldwin bought the Mitchell & C (MORE)

Why is there no H in Pittsburghh on Honus Wagner's baseball uniform?

President Benjamin Harrison created the United States Board on Geographic Names in 1890. The Board was supposed to create uniform and consistant names for cities throughout the United States. One of the 'rules' that the Board came up with was to change all city names that ended in 'burgh' to 'burg'. (MORE)

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Who owns Pittsburghh professional soccer team?

Pittsburg doesn't have an MLS team. If you mean the Philadelphia Union, the team is owned by Keystone Sports & Entertainment, a group of investors led by Jay Sugarman, chief executive of iStar Financial.

What is interesting about Pittsburghh PA?

Pittsburgh was originally spelled Pittsburg - with no 'h' (pre-1900). The sports teams and their fans The hilly terrain, tunnels and bridges The rivers that run through it - "The Three Rivers". Its history as the nation's city of industry, iron, coke, steel, glass... Heinz Ketchup and Pickle (MORE)