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Why is there no direct Scripture in the Bible that the Sabbath was changed to Sunday?

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Roman Catholic Answer

Because the Sabbath was NOT changed to Sunday. The Sabbath remains on Saturday, the last day of the week. Some of the Sabbath's observances have been changed to Sunday, for instance, a rest from servile labor, and the obligation to offer particular worship to God.

But the change of the day of worship, and the obligations, as to rest and whatnot, are indicated by Jesus through His Church. The Scripture was never intended to be an all inclusive encyclopedia of Christian practice and belief. Even the Scripture clearly indicates that in numerous places. Jesus established His Church, and gave the command to go out and preach. No where he did indicate that they should sit down and write a Bible, the Bible was written as part of their preaching.

So the change, as much as there was, was spelled out by the Church, not the Scripture; and by the very fact that Jesus fulfilled the old covenant and established the new covenant-which is defined and preached by the Church.
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Where in the Bible is Sunday said to be the Sabbath?

There were actually several Sabbaths. There was a sabbath year every seven years, and a special Jubilee year every 50 years, which was itself a sabbath. There was also a requi

When was the sabbath changed to Sunday?

  Your question supposes there is still a sabbath that follows the old covenant pattern. What changed were the covenants. The new covenant has no requirement to observe

Why did Constantine the Great change the Sabbath to Sunday?

because he was the first pope and he really was a pagan worshiper. His job was to infiltrate paganism and Christianity to fool people into worshiping on the wrong day. In whic

When was the sabbath day which is Saturday change to Sunday?

  Days did not change; the covenants changed. The new covenant has no requirement to observe days. The sabbath, like all of the old covenant requirements, came to an end.

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Where does the Bible says the Sabbath was change?

What changed were the covenants. The sabbath was a requirement of the old covenant that ended. Answer: The Sabbath was made on the seventh day... and has never been abrogate

Where in the Bible said the sabbath was change?

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In the Bible, God only gives one day of the week a "name." That one day is the "seventh day"... the "Sabbath." All the rest of the days of the week... He "numbers." "In

If the sabbath was changed from seventh day to Sunday where in the Bible can you find this?

The Bible never tells us which day the Sabbath occurs. Certainly the Old Testament does say that the Sabbath should be honoured on the seventh day, but which is the seventh da

Did Catholics or Protestants change the Sabbath day to Sunday?

Incorrect Answer: It was the Jewish people who changed it to Saturday. Long as I've been here, the Sabbath has been on Sunday and nobody changed it. Correct Answer: The Jew