Why is there no snow in Brunei?

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In Brunei
Because Brunei is close to the equator just like Singapore,Thailand and other south east Asian countries near it.
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Who is the Sultan of Brunei?

Answer . The Sultan of Brunei is the head of state of Brunei. The royal lineage can be traced back to the 15th century. The 29 Sultans of Brunei (and their respective reigns) are: . Muhammad (1405-1415) . Ahmad (1415-1425) . Sharif Ali (1425-1433) . Sulaiman (1433-1473) . Bolkiah (1473-1521) (MORE)

Why does it snow?

How snow forms Snow is what forms when water vapor is cooled to below freezing point quickly. The water vapor doesn't get a chance to form into rain droplets and forms snow crystals instead. This typically happens when warm moist air comes into contact with very cold air.

What is snow?

Snow is frozen precipitation, formed from ice crystals within clouds. Snow is normally pure, and like rain, provides a supply of fresh water. In cold climates, snow can compact and refreeze into ice, forming massive glaciers as in Antarctica.. Normally snow falls in winter. It may be produced in la (MORE)

Where is Brunei?

Brunei is located on Borneo island in Southeast Asia. It is on the northern coast of the island, and is almost completely surrounded by the Malaysian state of Sarawak. Geographically, Borneo island is east of Singapore and northwest of Australia.

When will it snow?

It depends where you live because yesterday where I live it was 2-3 inch in snow and it will snow tomorrow too. By the way that was I Barnsley

Why do you get snow?

well when it rains and the teperature is under 30 deegrees the rain freezes but it falls to the ground before i totally freezes and if it does fully freezes it is hail.

What is the population of Brunei?

Brunei has a population of 381,371 (July 2008 estimate). Nationals in Brunei are known as Bruneian(s). The country consists primarily of Malays (64%) and Chinese (20%). The predominant religions are Islam (63%) and Buddhism (14%). Although Malay is the official language, English and Chinese are also (MORE)

What is the food of Brunei?

Brunei is a small country on the island of Borneo, in Southeast Asia. Like any Southeast Asian country, rice is a staple food and there are many dishes involving it. Most of Brunei's food is imported from other countries. Eggs and chickens are produced locally, but not much else. The Brunei governme (MORE)

What is the climate of Brunei?

Since it is near the equator, Brunei doesn't experience the 4 seasons. Brunei has a hot and wet climate. So, it is either a sunny day or a rainy day.

Flag of Brunei?

Let us all read the things that I actually remembered about the Bruneian Flag. . In the middle, there is a red symbol, if you want to call it that, each detail symbolizes different wonderful things that I'm not bothered to type. sorry =D It is called the 'Panji-panji" . The colours from top to bo (MORE)

What is the snow?

The snow is a white thick coating on the ground when it is too cold to rain. It becomes icey & that's how we get snow. x :)

What you can do on snow?

pee on snow walk on snow sit on snow have a tea party on snow snow ball fight on snow eat on snow go on the computer on snow lay down on snow eat the snow and many many many more, do you get my drift? going to skate with my family and my boyfriend

When do it snow?

snow occurs, when you see white flakes, that looks like snow flakes, fall from the clouds above.

Where does it snow?

well here is one place I am going to list where it does snow Canada. well here is one place I am going to list where it does snow Canada

Does it snow there?

it depends, if you live down south then you probably don't get much. but if you live up north then it probably snows

Why there is snow?

\nSnow occurs when the water in the clouds gets very cold during precipitation. The water does not get that cold though because otherwise it would turn to ice so there is still some moisture in it.

In what country is Brunei?

Brunei IS a country. If you are asking in what CONTINENT, then it is in Asia. If you are asking on what ISLAND, then it is Borneo island.

What is Brunei famous for?

Brunei is a wealthy country, they have lots of rich people livingthere however they are known for their hot tourist spots andbeautiful scenary. It also has many museums, mosques and palaces.

Does it have to snow?

Well we can't control weather. The snow comes naturally. It can come when ever it wants.

What is to be snowed in?

it basically means the it has snowed so much that the streets are in really bad condition. They can't be plowed or something and you can't go any where because its dangerous.

Is there a zoo in Brunei?

the zoo in Brunei is zingleton. zingleton was named after bobby dundodo. he was 98 years old when he died

How does it snow?

When the temperature is below freezing, the water vapor in the air becomes solid. It snows when the temperature of the air in the atmosphere of a region is below the point where water freezes. Snow is frozen water forming six-sided ice crystals each of which is totally unique in design. They look wh (MORE)

What are facts about Brunei?

These are some that I can recall right now. . there is a water village. It is like a normal village, but it is on top of water. very interesting huh. . Proboscis monkey can only be found in Brunei and Sabah. They have awesome noses. you'll see what I mean after you look at the monkeys' picture. . (MORE)

Is Dubai in Brunei?

Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Brunei isn't anywhere near the Middle East, but is in Southeast Asia on the island of Borneo.

Are there Christians in Brunei?

Yes, approximately 11% are Christian. Islam is the predominant religion (67%), followed by Buddhism (mostly Chinese) at 13%.. After the Phillipines, it is by proportion the country has the largest number of Christians of any country in the Asian Pacific.

What is the religion of Brunei?

The official religion in Brunei is Islam, and Muslims make up the majority of the population. However, there are other religions practised in Brunei, such as Christianity and Buddhism.

You can be a missionary in Brunei?

yes! why not if God's will and we must pray first to the Lord, before we commit to become if i am the one who decide and we connot depend on God's will i am willing if more information just see you on my face book this e mail jade panilagao but my real name is James Robin Panilagao.

How do you get it to snow?

YOU CAN'T! It snows on days in & close to winter. In the winter, in clouds, when the snowflakes get too heavy, they start to fall.

What to do in the snow?

Have snow ball fights. Make snowmen. Do a Snow Angel. Sledge down hills and bankings. Use you finger to write your name in the snow. Go ice-skating.

What can you do with snow?

Study it, catch it, throw it, slip and slide on it, ski on it, toboggan on it, cool someone/something with it, build a snowman with it, make a shelter with it, melt it, bury someone or you can stick it in the freezer.

How can you get a job in Brunei?

I am a Pakistani national having more than 18 years diversified experience having good health. I was associated with government owned organization known as SME Bank Ltd from 11-02-1993 to 14-10-2009. Currently I am working with Malaysian telecom company and posted at its regional office situated at (MORE)

How is Brunei divided?

Brunei is divided into 4 districts, they are: 1. Brunei Muara- the smallest district, and this is where the capital is located 2. Tutong 3. Belait 4. Temburong Hope this really helped;)

What can you do for Brunei?

To SHOW to other countries that think negative about our countries and write bad or negative stories of our country . ME Must be PROUD of ourselves living in a peaceful country name BRUNEI :D LETS SHOW THEM OUR COUNTRY IS POSITIVE AND STRONG

Why is Brunei famous?

Brunei's so famous, due to it's beautiful buildings(of course) and it's green, clean places with it's nice and friendly residents, citizens, and people. You guys should know this!

Why -does- it- snow?

At first it is rain but if it is below 0 it is colder and when the rain gets closer to the earth it freezes and that is what turns it to snow

Are there volcanos in Brunei?

Apparently, Brunei doesn't have a volcano. As it is located near the sea and it is a small country(well, Brunei's not that small) Sorry to tell for those who likes volcanoes(if there is)

What you do in snow?

Play in it! Make snow angels, make a snow man, go sledding or snowboarding. You could have a snowball fight or build a fort or go skiing.

Does Brunei have hills?

Yes it does. One of the more well-known ones is called Bukit Shahbandar Forest Reserve and is popular with hikers.

What are the festival in brunei?

Observed Days *** ----------------------------------------------------------- Country Event 2011 ----------------------------------------------------------- Brunei New Year's Day Sat, Jan 1 Brunei Chinese New Year Thu, Feb 3 Brunei Maulud Wed, Feb 16 Brunei National Day Wed, Feb 23 (MORE)

What is the problem with Brunei?

I guess the "problem" with Brunei can be said to be similar with "problems" in a number of other countries. However, Brunei does have a pretty low crime rate and most people live above the poverty line. For the most part, the citizens are quite content, and people are cordial.

What is is snow?

Snow is frozen water forming six-sided ice crystals each of which is totally unique in design. They look white because they are very tiny and tend to cluster together. They don't melt on the ground if the temperature of the air is much below freezing, which is 32 degrees F.

What is the money in Brunei?

The currency in Brunei is the Brunei dollar (currency code : BND ), . It has been applied in the Sultanate of Brunei since 1967. . It is normally abbreviated with the dollar sign $, or alternatively B$ . The Brunei dollar is managed together with the Singapore dollar at a 1:1 ratio by th (MORE)

Why do we have snow?

Because below a certain temperature the stable phase of Water isIce. Thus when the temperature of the atmosphere is below thiscritical point, any water coming out of solution in the air does soas small ice crystals which grow to form snowflakes. These thenfall to Earth as snow rather than the normal (MORE)