Why is there no summer or winter at the equator?

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Becuase the temperature stays the same throughout the year.

#Edit; The Equator has two winters per year. One when the Sun is over the Tropic of Capricorn and the other when the Sun is over the Tropic of Cancer. It also has two Summers per year. One when the Sun appears to be moving North and the Equator is transiting the Ecliptic and the other when the Sun is apparently moving South and again the Equator is transiting the Ecliptic. Sort of, HOT ... HOTTER ... HOT ... HOTTER.
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Does the equator have winter?

Yes, the equator has a summer too, when the position of the sun migrates towards the tropic of Cancer and towards the tropic of Capricorn. The result of both of these is the same however, the season extremes are actually cooler than the mid-season high. Of course the effects are so slight that no on (MORE)

Why do you have summer and winter?

The main reason why there is summer and winter is as a result ofthe different seasons. The seasons are influenced by the positionof the sun.

Why is there winter and summer?

Why We Have Winter and Summer We have winter and summer because the Earth circles around the sun. While many believe the temperature changes occur because the Earth is closer to the sun in summer and farther away from the sun in winter, the Earth is actually farther from the sun in summer and close (MORE)

Why does Australia have summer when England has winter?

The northern and southern hemispheres have opposite seasons because of earth's movement around the sun, turning as it goes.. Here in Australia it is cold (well, as cold as it gets) while in England it is warm summer weather.. When it is summer in the southern hemisphere (where Australia is), that (MORE)

When is winter in the summer?

When it is summer in the northern hemisphere it is winter in the southern hemisphere. So the south's winter is in the north's summer. Similarly, six months later, when it is summer in the southern hemisphere it will be winter in the northern hemisphere. So this time, the north's winter will be (MORE)

Why is there no summers or winters at the equator?

The equator is the belt around the wide waist of the worlds exactly half way between the two poles. Throughout the year, day and night are equal. At the equator, day and night are always equal. So there are no changing seasons, no winter or summer.

Is the temperature contrast between the equator and the Arctic region greatest in the winter or summer?

The contrast is greater in the Winter.. The equatorial temperature is relatively stable throughout the year ... always what I call 'hot'.. Temperatures in the Arctic region ... for example on Alaska's North Slope where this writer has personal experience ... can remain below zero for long stretche (MORE)

Why do you get summer and winter?

I thank alot of years of science classes for the automatic knowledge of this fact. Well, the Earth has a definite tilt in its axis, about 23.5 degrees, and this accounts for different parts of the Earth witnessing minor climate changes. In layman's terms, sometimes Earth is tilted towards the Sun, s (MORE)

Why is it winter in India when it is summer in Australia?

You are well known about the earths rotation's earth rotates in its axises and around the sun in an elliptical path, but according to me earth also rotates in a zic zac motion complete one zic zac round in a year by wich the earth north pole come close to the sun when at the same time the south pole (MORE)

If its winter in North America where is it summer?

Due to the tilt of the planet, when the northern hemisphere is experiencing one season (like winter) then the southern hemisphere is experiencing the opposite season. Winter in North America would mean that parts of South America, Africa and all of Australia would be in Summer, with the effects m (MORE)

Is it winter at the equator?

No, because at hte equator it is about in a range of only 5 degress that the temperature is around the equator. for example if it is 80 degrees there it would stay around the range of 80-85 degrees f. The End

When its summer in San Francisco its winter in?

When it is summer in San Francisco (in the Northern Hemisphere), it is winter in any place in the Southern Hemisphere, such as Australia, Argentina, Madagascar, Namibia, South Africa and New Zealand.

Can summer plants grow in winter?

If you can afford a greenhouse yes... Or if you can make a cheap homeade one... Use some sort of clear outer container... Dirt or paper towels that are wet... (The paper towels are better used to get a seed to sprout) Then do the dirt... Make sure there is a fair amount of water in the co (MORE)

Why there is no summer and winter in Singapore?

hei hei! don't ever expect to have summer/winter in SIngapore! u need to be grateful for that! it would seem cool to see the snow is showering outside your window. But the fact is that you never imagine how the dryness will kill you during both of this seasons! you will feel killing itchiness for yo (MORE)

Why are winter and summer opposite seasons?

Winter and summer represent the annual periods when one hemisphere is tilted either toward the Sun, or away from the Sun. The summer in the Northern Hemisphere is the winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and vice versa. Tilting toward the Sun means longer days, more direct sunlight, and generally high (MORE)

What is winter solstice and summer solstice?

For the northern hemisphere, winter solstice is when the Sun is furthest to the South, summer solstice is when the Sun is furtherst to the North. For the southern hemisphere, it is the other way round.

Why do you have warm summers and mild winters?

Warm wet summers and cool wet winters is the basic description of a "Maritime Climate". This is often found on a small or medium-sized island, where the close proximity of an ocean limits the extremes of temperature swings. A classic example is the British Isles; these have unusally mild winters, e (MORE)

Why it is summer in Australia when it is winter in the US?

The Earth is tilted on an axis and travels around the Sun while spinning on this axis. For three months of the year, the Northern Hemisphere is leaning towards the Sun while the Southern Hemisphere isn't. This is when it's summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern. Here, the Sun's (MORE)

What are the winter and summer solstices?

Winter and summer solstice are, respectively, the longest and shortest days of the year. Winter solstice is also the first day of winter, summer solstice the first day of summer.

What causes summer and winter constellations?

Tonight at midnight, you're in the middle of the night side of the earth. The sun is behind you, the earth is between you and the sun, and it's dark. You look up in the sky and you see some stars and constellations. Six months from today, the earth has carried you halfway around its orbit, an (MORE)

Is it summer or winter in Mexico?

Winter. Yeah, Mexico is still in the Northern Hemisphere. The half of the world above the Equator. You have to go below that line before the seasons switch.

What months does Cuba have winter and summer?

Cuba is located in the northern hemisphere, although it is closer to the equator than the US is, and it has the same seasons; winter is late December through late March, and summer is late June through late September.

What is the area of Antarctica in summer and winter?

The area of the continent remains constant at 5.405 million sq miles (14 million km²). However, 98% of it is covered by an ice sheet. During winter, the sea ice of the Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica freezes, and freezes to the ice sheet, and thereby doubles the size of the ice sheet.

Can you wear summer dresses in winter?

Yes, you can! Why not wear your dress with boots, knee-high socks and a scarf. This is a super cute way to wear your dress in the winter!! Hope this helped!! xoxo

Why is winter longer than summer?

The southern hemisphere's winters are about 4½ days longer thantheir summers, and the northern hemisphere's summers are about 4½days longer than their winters, because the earth travels fastestin its orbit at its perihelion, when it's closest to the sun, whichhappens in early January, and it t (MORE)

Why when it is winter in Poland is it summer in Zimbabwe?

Poland is located in the northern hemisphere, and Zimbabwe is located in the southern hemisphere. Because of the axial tilt of the planet Earth, when one of these hemispheres is tilted toward the sun, the other hemisphere necessarily tilts away from the sun.