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Why is there no water coming from one faucet in the bathroom?

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If there are supply valves feeding the supply lines connecting your faucet, they may be closed, or simply your faucet components/inserts and or supply lines may be restricted.

ANS 2 - most common cause for this is a plugged aerator or stop valve.
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Where does faucet water come from?

The water you get from your faucet can come from two places - from the water in lakes or rivers (surface water), or from water that comes from wells (groundwater). Many people

Why do I not have water from my bathroom sink faucet?

1. Check the aerator for obstructons. 2. Check to see the washer inside has not come loose and is jamming where the water comes out. 3. Check to see that the stop or shut of

Why does soapy water come from my faucet?

Oh, my word! Don't do anything with that water (except flushing the toilet) until you can get a plumber to check it out. You don't have a clue where that water is coming from,

Why is there brown water coming out of your faucets?

rust colored water? This frequently happens when the water department is flushing lines upstream of you, or if there has been a large fire in neighborhood you may also have th

No water flows from new bathroom faucet?

Have you turned on the shutoff valve below the sink .

Where does the water from the bathroom faucet come from?

Supply lines under the sink, pipes in the wall, city supply in the street, water treatment plant, local river, rain. Take your pick. If you are asking about a leak, depends on

Why is there no water coming out of sink faucet in bathroom but tub faucet works?

The shut off valve under the sink, the faucet itself, or most likely, the screen in the end of the spout is plugged. If neither hot or cold is coming out, it is kind of unlike

Where does the water that comes out of faucets come from?

Mine comes from the local water processing and filtration plant, but this varies depending where you are, as yours may be coming straight from a river, dam, etc.; something th
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Why does the hot water come out more slowly than the cold water on your bathroom faucet?

Hot means a higher level of energy. In the case of hot water, the particles are much further apart on the microscopic scale than they are in the case of cold water. That is be