Why is tyra banks important in history?

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She isn't....
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Who is tyra banks?

tyra banks is one of the hosts OS America's next top model! and a very popular lady with her show she is also a covergirl tyra banks was one of the first black women to be

What is Tyra Banks history?

control your poison babe roses have thorns they say. and we're all getting hosed tonight. whats going on on the floor. i love this record baby but i can't see staright anym

What is Tyra Banks' family history?

Tyra Banks is 31 she was born December 4th. She has a mother Carolyn London and a father Donald Banks but they divorced when she was six. She has a brother devin and im not s

What challenges has tyra banks faced?

Many- but all have to do with modeling & image. Mostly, her weight (up & down) being in the press & rumors about it since she began modeling. When Tyra was younger, she was "a

Does Tyra Banks have an eating disorder?

OMG no. she is super healthy and works out and has great body image. she enjoys all the foods she wants and she just seems like a spiritually healthy person.

How did tyra banks make a difference in history?

Tyra Banks and her two TV shows, The Tyra Banks Show and America's Next Top Model , help young woman across the country. For example, in her modeling show, she helps young