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Why is your steering wheel hard to turn?

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Your power steering has a lot to do with the way your car handles. A sudden change in steering could be any/all of the following: low fluid, a broken belt (there is a belt that connects the engine's main drive pulley to the power steering, alternator, air conditioning, etc. pulleys) or the power steering pump went bad. Before you take your car to the shop, check the fluid and the belts to make sure they are OK. Note that loose belts are the same as broken belts. The belt MUST have the correct tension in it for it to work properly. In virtually all modern cars, belt tension is set with a spring loaded pulley that should always maintain the correct tension. You should check out the belt tensioner too. If all these check out properly, then the power steering pump is the next most likely culprit. Finally, the power steering rack - the thing that couples the hydraulic pressure from the power-steering pump into the steering mechanism - may need replacement or rebuilding.
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Why is it hard to turn the steering wheel of the Taurus 97?

Most times, if it is hard to steer, there is a need for power  steering fluid. If that is not the case the power steering pump  itself might be going out. It would be best t

Why is it hard to turn the steering wheel of the Toyota MR2 89?

  Mk1 Mr2's do not have power steering. PS isn't really necessary in Mr2's because there is no weight in the front end (try turning the wheels of any front engine non-ps v

Why is it hard to turn my steering wheel?

THE POWER STEERING PUMP IS LOW ON FLUID OR HAS GONE BAD ALLTOGETHER.. This happened to my 2002 intrigue,and it was caused by failure of the rack and pinion steering, parts we

What does it mean when your steering wheel is hard to turn?

  If it was easy and now it is hard, you may have thrown a power steering belt. You may need power steering fluid. You may have an obstruction on your front wheels. You ma

Steering wheel hard to turn when cold?

I have a95 chevy pick up when its 10 or colder really hard to turn  when cold ...new pump,hoes....when warm and moving ok ..when idling  hard til I hit the gas ...that's why

What does it mean with your steering wheel is hard to turn?

In most cases cars today have power steering. When this is not working properly, the car is hard to turn. The two most common reasons is a loose, slipping, or broken belt, or,

Why is your steering wheel to hard to turn?

many reasons...if a vehicle with power steering most likely a leak has resulted in low power steering fluid, or a loose or missing drive belt to the power steering unit.