Why keep pilot light on?

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Heaters prior to 1978 had "standing pilots" meaning they were on continuously, just like our water heaters still use today, since then laws enacted made a standing pilot for California illegal and the country followed Ca law.
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How do you keep the pilot light lit on a pool heater?

Keeping the Pilot Light Lit . The flame should generate a micro amount of voltage which keeps the burner going. \n. \n. \nIf the burner won't stay lit the problem could b

Why does your pilot light keeps going out on your gas heater?

The pilot could be dirty and may be too weak to heat the thermocouple properly. Most of the time it comes down to replacing the thermocouple. ANS 2 The thermocouple cost

Why does my furnace pilot light keep going out?

There are a couple common reasons for a pilot light going out.. 1. The thermocouple is weak. This is the gold rod that must see the flame in order to keep the gas valve open.

Why does your pilot light keep blowing out?

If your pool heater is outdoors in a high wind area, the wind might be blowing it out. In some cases you can solve this by installing an outdoor vent cap to extend the distanc

Why does my pilot light keep going out on my hot water tank?

try changing the "thermocoupler"( not sure of the spelling) The piolit light heats the thermocoupler. looks like a little metal rod that sits above or right next to the piolit

Why does your aga cooker pilot light keep going out?

It could just need routine service. If mine goes out twice it means that a service is required, then It works fine. You are probably suffering from th

Furnace pilot light keeps going out?

There are several reasons why a pilot light could be going on. Onereason is there could be a light breeze that is extinguishing theflame.
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The pilot is lit and it keeps ticking but won't light?

The sensor wire is not sensing the flame. Check the size of the flame to make sure it is making the metal glow. If it is the ignitor box may be bad. The person asking the
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Why does the pilot light keep going out on your hot water heater?

The thermocouple is going bad. The thermocouple is the small tube that sits in the flame from the pilot light and goes back to the gas valve. They are easy to replace and cost