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Heaters prior to 1978 had "standing pilots" meaning they were on continuously, just like our water heaters still use today, since then laws enacted made a standing pilot for California illegal and the country followed Ca law.
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How do you keep the pilot light lit on a pool heater?

Keeping the Pilot Light Lit . The flame should generate a micro amount of voltage which keeps the burner going. \n. \n. \nIf the burner won't stay lit the problem could be caused by a lazy pilot generator, dirty wire connections, high wind conditions, or even something more serious or clogged. \n. \n. \nYour best bet is to have a trained service technician from your local swimming pool company come out and give your heater the professional testing it deserves. You will find a properly tuned and installed heater will save you quite a bit these days with the high cost of fuel.

If a pilot light goes out in a gas water heater does the gas keep running?

Answer . \nNo because water heaters have a safety valves and when the pilot light goes out the safety valve shuts off the gas

How do you light the pilot on the pool heater?

Most pool heaters are propane fueled. A match or lighter lit near the pilot light opening should suffice. Hum, I would not say, "most" --- some would be a more adequate word. The above previous answer would apply if you had an older style heater. All new heaters for the last several years have electronic ignition. k

How do you light the pilot on a pool heater?

Answer . Firstly, how old is your heater? Do you in fact have a pilot light or is it an electronic ignition heater? If the latter, it has no pilot. Older heaters have a gas valve knob that is rotated to "pilot" and then when ready with the ignition source, match, push the knob down and hold while holding the ignition source near the pilot flame outlet. Hold knob down for about 1 min. while pilot generator heats from that flame then let go and if the flame stays lit then rotate the knob to "heat" or "fire" or "run". In a brief amount of time the heater will fire. BE SURE TO KEEP FROM LOOKING INTO THE FIRE BOX TO WATCH THE HEATER FIRE!!!!!! STAND BACK FROM THE OPENING - YOU COULD GET BURNED OR AT LEAST LOOSE A LOT OF FACIAL HAIR AND/OR BE TERRIBLY FRIGHTENED BY THE RESULTING BLAST. Close and secure the heater door and listen for the combustion chamber to run continually. If pilot does not stay lit then it is possible that the pilot generator needs to be replaced. K

How do you light the pilot light on a heater?

The detailed directions are printed on front of EVERY gas regulator. - However, in general terms, turn regulator switch to OFF for 2 minutes, then to PILOT and depress for one minute, then light pilot or press clicker till it lights. Keep PILOT pressed for 2 more minutes then slowly release it. If it stays on then turn main switch to RUN or ON. -If you have to light the pilot manually, use a barbecue match (12 inches long)

Do you have to keep pilot license updated?

Answer . Once you obtain your pilot's license it will never "expire." However, to keep it "current" you must maintain your medical certificate as well as complete a Flight Review from an authorized instructor every Two Years. To carry passengers during the day you must have made three take offs and landings within the preceding 90 days in the same category, class, and type (if required). For "night currency" the preceding applies, however, you must make the landings to a full stop (no touch-n-goes).

How do you light the water heater pilot?

Turn knob to PILOT, press button down and light the pilot; hold button down for 60 seconds and release - pilot should remain lit; turn knob to ON. If pilot does not remain lit, turn knob to OFF, wait 5 minutes and try again, If pilot still will not remain lit, replace the thermocoupler.

How do you light a pilot light?

100% of the time the instructions are located close to the device, if not the users manual will help. You should follow the particular steps for your gas fireplace, grill, hot water heater, furnace, or stove. There are differences.

How much does a pilot light burn?

45 CF per hr . BLkiller64: that is ridiculous, that would cause major carbon monoxide buildup ... and you'll die!, i think it worth putting this on the answer . Wouldnt it depend if the standing pilot light was for a stove or 5 million BTU input boiler

Why does your pilot light keeps going out on your gas heater?

The pilot could be dirty and may be too weak to heat the thermocouple properly. Most of the time it comes down to replacing the thermocouple. ANS 2 The thermocouple costs less than $19 and can be changed in about 30 minutes. Best to first Shut off gas, and remove your one, then take to the store for comparison. There are 5-6 different types but all very similar. Honeywell Universal is good for many heaters. This is essentially a thin copper tube 18 -30 inches long, with a metal bulb at one end and a hollow nut at the regulator end. Many good instructions on internet about how to do it

How do keep the pilot on in my gas heater?

Depress pilot valve, hold in while lighting, hold in for 2 minutes while lit. Continue to hold pilot valve in while rotating the gas control to the "on" position. If the pilot flame doesn't stay lit, it may be due to a bad thermocouple, a device that looks like a thick, solid copper wire whose tip is in the pilot flame and whose other end is screwed into the gas valve. You would need to get a replacement thermocouple from a hardware store or have a handyman install a replacement thermocouple for you. Thermocouples typically last 6-8 years if the pilot flame burns continuously.

Does an oil furnace have a pilot light?

Well, the answer is "yes and no". A True oil FURNACE or BOILER does NOT not normally have a 'pilot light". Instead, they have some type of electrical ignition system. In the past--this was accomplished with an "iron" type of transformer that increased the 120 volt line voltage to 6-10 thousand volts, enough to cause a spark to jump across a pair of electrodes mounted above the "nozzle" where the oil sprays out of.This spark would ignite the oil and a very intense , hot flame would then shoot out into the combustion chamber--producing the heat, which in turn heated air or water to heat the building. This is only active when the furnace is on, and so--no oil is wasted to keep a pilot lit, as in a gas furnace with a pilot. Nowadays--the oil is still lit by a spark across electrodes, BUT the inefficent, heavy, sometimes unreliable 'iron" transformer is being replaced by an "electronic ignitor" which contains a transformer, BUT it is powered by an electronic "switching supply" circuit, resulting in MUCH more voltage-14 to 20K volts, and using a LOT less AC power to do this. So--no most oil burners do NOT have a pilot light, like a gas furnace sometimes does. BUT--I HAVE seen , many years ago, oil fueled "space heaters" which DID use a pilot flame. These do NOT normally have a pump like a normal furnace, ad depend on gravity to feed the oil to the burner. The pilot functioned the same way that a gas furnace pilot does--but probably had a wick-type element to be able to burn-like a kerosene heater does.

What causes Grill pilot light on wolf salamamder grill to keep going out thermocouple ok valve new?

If a Salamander Grill keeps going out and the thermocouple is okayand the valve is new then a faulty thermostat could be the cause.Replacing the thermostat or re-calibrating it generally solves theissue.

How do you light pilot light?

The detailed directions are printed on front of EVERY gas regulator. - However, in general, turn regulator switch to OFF for 2 minutes, then to PILOT and depress for one minute, then light pilot or press clicker till it lights. Keep PILOT pressed for 2 more minutes then slowly release it. If it stays on then turn main switch to RUN or ON. If the pilot must be lit manually, I use a barbecue match ( 12 inch long ) NOTE - If the pilot will NOT stay lit, then you need a new 'thermocouple'

Is keeping a pilot light lit more cost effective?

More cost effective than what? Re-lighting it every time you want the heat to come on? That sounds ridiculous to me, unless you are using the appliance only occasionally.

What color should a pilot light flame be?

A pilot light flame should be about 90 percent blue. Flecks oforange are okay but if the flame is yellow, large, and flickeringthe pilot light may need an adjustment.

Would a bad millivolt thermopile keep the pilot light in a floor furnace from staying lit?

No, it will just keep your furnace from turning on. At least that's the problem I'm having right now with the bad thermopile in my floor furnace.

Why does my furnace pilot light keep going out?

There are a couple common reasons for a pilot light going out.. 1. The thermocouple is weak. This is the gold rod that must see the flame in order to keep the gas valve open. it is a safety device that will not let the gas vavle open if there is no pilot.. 2. The pilot is dirty and has a yellow flame. If this is the case, it will have to be cleaned.. There are books on he market such as forced hot air furnace - troubleshooting and repair that show you how to repair your furnace. You can buy this at amazon.com

Why does your pilot light keep blowing out?

If your pool heater is outdoors in a high wind area, the wind might be blowing it out. In some cases you can solve this by installing an outdoor vent cap to extend the distance from the end of the exhaust and the combustion chamber. Answer: try changing the "thermocoupler"( not sure of the spelling) The piolit light heats the thermocoupler. looks like a little metal rod that sits above or right next to the piolit light. when the thermocoupler is heated it produces a millivolt of electricity the power it produces is what keeps the gas vaulve open. this is a safety feature, if the piolit light goes out the gas will shut off so that the house does not fill with gas. This is why when you light the piolit you must manually hold the button in until the thermocoupler heats up. Gas appliances should only be worked on by licienced pros, don't risk the lives in your house in order to save a few bucks. http://services.Google.com/feedback/abg?URL=http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_does_your_gas_fireplace_go_out_after_about_2_hours_of_use&hl=en&client=ca-gurunet_wikianswers_js&adU=www.ConsumerReports.org&adT=Gas+Fireplace&adU=www.WoodstoveCombustors.com&adT=Woodstove+Combustors&adU=www.SuperiorPropane.com&adT=Propane+Appliance+Safety&done=1 . http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_does_your_gas_fireplace_go_out_after_about_2_hours_of_use&action=edit http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Discuss:Why_does_your_gas_fireplace_go_out_after_about_2_hours_of_use http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_does_your_gas_fireplace_go_out_after_about_2_hours_of_use&action=unwatch&returnto=Why_does_your_gas_fireplace_go_out_after_about_2_hours_of_use&isQRelated=1 First answer by http://wiki.answers.com/Q/User:Patrickh . Last edit by http://wiki.answers.com/Q/User:Patrickh . Contributor http://wiki.answers.com/help/trust_points : 4 [recommended]. Question http://wiki.answers.com/help/question_popularity : 1 [ http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_does_your_gas_fireplace_go_out_after_about_2_hours_of_use&action=recommend&tid=1827 ]

Pilot will not light?

If it will not lite at all, copper pilot line kinked,,, bad gas valve, if you have the button on pilot and depressed down all the way. Will light but not stay lite, bad thermocouple.

Why does my pilot light keep going out on my hot water tank?

try changing the "thermocoupler"( not sure of the spelling) The piolit light heats the thermocoupler. looks like a little metal rod that sits above or right next to the piolit light. when the thermocoupler is heated it produces a millivolt of electricity the power it produces is what keeps the gas vaulve open. this is a safety feature, if the piolit light goes out the gas will shut off so that the house does not fill with gas. This is why when you light the piolit you must manually hold the button in until the thermocoupler heats up. Gas appliances should only be worked on by licienced pros, don't risk the lives in your house in order to save a few bucks

Why does your pilot keep going out?

There are a couple of things to check.. 1.What color is the pilot flamte? If it is yellow then it is dirty and needs to be cleaned.. 2. Check the thermocouple. That is the gold color rod that the pilot flame burns on. It is a safety device that tells he heating system if the pilot is burning. It is inexpensive and should be changed if you are going to pull the pilot assembly and clean it any way.

How do you turn on pilot light?

1) first u have to find a switch 2) then u click it 3) it should light up! 4) eat just kidding---try bringing it to the dealership or buy a car manual in an autoshop.

Why does your aga cooker pilot light keep going out?

It could just need routine service. If mine goes out twice it means that a service is required, then It works fine. You are probably suffering from the change in standards of heating oil that occurred towards the end of 2008 when we changed from the old British Standard for kerosene to the new EU standard which drastically reduced the amount of sulphur in fuel. This has the effect of causing increased sooting and carbon build up around the fuel line and wick of an Aga or Rayburn. Over time this carbon build up restricts the flow of oil from the fuel line and eventually the oven becomes starved of oxygen. As a possible solution, I recommend the use of a fuel additive which can counteract the effects of low sulphur content and clean your carbonised Aga have a look at http://www.ecofuelplus.co.uk/#/aga-rayburn/4539905465 or Aderco 5000.

Furnace pilot light keeps going out?

There are several reasons why a pilot light could be going on. Onereason is there could be a light breeze that is extinguishing theflame.

If the pilot light goes out on a gas fireplace does the gas keep running?

On most gas fireplaces there are two safeties, that if working properly, will keep the gas from running under the described conditions.. One is a 30mv thermocouple that will hold in a pilot operator (similar to a water heater setup). The second is usually a 750mv (0.75 volts) generator that provides the power to open the main gas valve operator. If there is no flame present, there will be no power to "open" either of these.. lc

If I turn the gas on but the pilot light isn't on does the gas keep running?

On a stove it will. On a modern, code-compliant water heater, space heater or furnace it will not, because these modern appliances have electric valves that will not open if the pilot flame goes out. Once the pilot is out, the only way to get gas to flow is to push the pilot button in on the gas valve and relight the pilot flame according to the instructions. You can check for gas leaking from the pilot burner or main burner by smelling for the scent of gas, as natural gas and LPG (propane) have an odorant added to allow you to detect their presence. (Do NOT use a flame or spark to test for the presence of gas!)

Why does the pilot light on your back boiler keep going out?

1- Spillage (down draft). 2- Defective thermo couple. 3- Not enough free air for proper combustion

How do you relight the pilot light?

If you have an automatic lighter connected to the thermostat follow these directions: - Turn the on/off/pilot valve to 'pilot' - Hold the button on top of the controls down completely. This is the thermocoupler button. - While keeping the thermocoupler button pressed down push the automatic lighter button until the pilot light lites. You can see it lit through the viewing glass. - Keep holding the thermocoupler button down for a minute after the pilot light is lit. - If it does not stay lit then your thermocoupler is probably bad and needs to be replaced

How do you light the pilot on a whirlpool gas dryer?

I don't know of any dryers that have a pilot light. They have glow plugs which glow red hot before the gas valve is opened so that the gas will ignite. If the glow plug is not working it probably has a crack and needs to be replaced. The dryer will not start without it.

Why is my Pilot light on but no hot water?

If the pilot light is on and no hot water, then the regulator is not turning the gas flow on. The commonest cause for this is a faulty thermocouple. This is a thin copper tube that's heated by the pilot light and relays a voltage to the regulator. This can be changed by a competent handyman in about 1/2 hour. The part you need is available in many plumbing stores, best one is Honeywell Universal Thermocouple, costing $8-10. Installation is intricate and you need a good flashlight, very small wrenches and patience. The copper tube is delicate, be careful not to kink it.

The Pilot light on but heater will not fire up?

the pilot light in my fireplace is working but when i turn the switch on (new switch) it wouldn't fire up

The pilot is lit and it keeps ticking but won't light?

The sensor wire is not sensing the flame. Check the size of the flame to make sure it is making the metal glow. If it is the ignitor box may be bad. The person asking the question asked why it is just clicking and not firing. That has nothing to do with the flame sensor. Obviously, the pilot is not allowing gas through so the spark can ignite it. I would replace the ignitor. The gas orifice in it is more than likely clogged. The hole in the orifice is at maximum, 15 thousandths of an inch in diameter. They tend to get clogged if dirty gas gets into the system (happens often with LP(propane) but also happens with Natural Gas. If not sure of how to do this job, call an appliance service person or company. It may cost more but it will be done safely and correctly .

Should you keep the pilot light burning when not using heater?

Keep it lit. One thing it does it keep moisture out. I turned mine off one summer trying to save a couple of bucks and had to spend about two hours cleaning the rust out.

What does a pilot light do on a heater?

it heats up the thermo couple which opens up the gas control valve allowing gas to flow to the main burner. if the pilot goes out the thrmo couple will cool and shut the gas valve so gas does not come out

Why does a pilot light goes out on a water heater?

The thermocouple is bad. That is the small tube that sits in the flame of the pilot light and runs to the control valve. Easy and cheap to replace.

Can not get pilot light to light on the fireplace?

If holding the controls in the LIGHT position for about 15-30 seconds does not keep your pilot lit, there is probably a problem with the thermocouple. That is the small tube that the pilot flame touches. Be sure it is not bent, and being missed by the pilot flame. They do go bad, and require replacement.

How do you keep your pilot light from going out on your gas fireplace As soon as switch it to the on position it goes out?

Check your instructions, Usually you have to keep it on pilot mode for 30 seconds then you should be able to turn it to on without the pilot flame going out.

What causes the pilot light to keep burning out in a furnace?

If this is happening you need to get your furnace serviced by a qualified engineer.

Where is the furnace located to light pilot light?

It could be different for every house. A side note : I'm taking that you mean where is the pilot light located in side your furnace? Depending on the of your furnace it's very possible your furnace does not have a pilot light, in fact it may have an ignition system with a flame management sensor. Try this; turn off the system with the main electrical cutoff switch, wait for about 2 minuets, turn on the switch raise the temperature of the thermostat high enough for the furnace to come on, this should work if it does not try one more time. If that fails call a HVAC & R technician.

Where can you find a gas stove with pilot lights?

The majority of gas stoves are lit with a pilot light. It is not considered a very green thing but won't be vanishing anytime soon. you can find a gas stive with a pilot light at Home Depot, Lowe's, or your local appliance store.

How does a pilot light switch work?

It senses heat and generates a tiny electric current that triggers a valve in the regulator.

How do you light a pilot for a HVAC?

if it's a 90 % furnace you may have a flue or intake air problem or a bad pressure switch make sure you are venting the flue gases and the fresh air intake is clear

How do you light the pilot on a atlanta superflame?

In the middle of the unit is the pilot , while setting valve to pilot (note if u push down on the pilot valve u will here gas-do not hold for long or to much gas will accumulate) light within 1st five-10 secinds. If u dont light right away turn off and wait 5 minutes. Then try again, when pilot is depressed hold lighter above where gas line goes to center of heater. You should have heat-the green knob that says lo-hi is the adjustment. Turn to hi and the furnace should fire up...

Why does the pilot light keep going out on your hot water heater?

The thermocouple is going bad. The thermocouple is the small tube that sits in the flame from the pilot light and goes back to the gas valve. They are easy to replace and cost $6 to $8. For health and safety the failing part should be replaced without delay by a competent gas engineer.

How do you light pilot light on reznor heater?

Typically, these instructions are on the access panel door, or near the pilot light port. Additionally, there are differences between models, so a specific model number would be necessary to give specific information.

Why does your pilot light keep going out on the direct vent gas water heater?

My direct vent furnace pilot light issue was the glass viewing port was missing allowing room air to blow out the pilot light. Replacing the missing glass which stopped the draft, fixed the problem.

How do you access a pilot light to clean it?

You shouldn't ever have to clean a pilot light. If it won't stay lit, then you need to fit a new thermocouple.

Why does your gas fireplace pilot light keep going out?

\n. There is a device called a thermocouple that the pilot light flame touches. It senses if there is no flame, and turns off the gas. They go bad- have yours replaced.

What exactly is a pilot light?

Pilot lights are used in various ovens, gas fireplaces, and gas heaters. The pilot light burns constantly and is used to ignite the actual flame that heats the previously mentioned items.