Why metals break on dynamic load but not on static load of same magnitude?

That isn't necessarily true. If the metal is under repeated dynamic loading, it becomes a matter of material fatigue and not strength. For instance, if you bend a paper clip back and forth repeatedly, it becomes easy to break. The material properties have changed (more brittle) due to the repeated dynamic load.

In the case of impact or blast loading, it is actually the opposite. Materials often have the ability to withstand much larger loads than they could statically, but for very short durations (on the scale of milliseconds).

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Dynamic load- Any load which is nonstatic, such as a wind load or a moving live load.

Static Load - Any load, as on a structure, which does not change in magnitude or position with time
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You have an enormous fan base that will go see you play anywhere in the world. How does it feel having such dedicated fans?

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What is the difference between dynamic loading and late binding?

or not. ln case first string occlrs multiple times in second string, it reporis the number of times it occurs in second. Diflerentiate between dSrnamic loading and late bi (MORE)
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What is a example of a dynamic load?

A Person walking on a bridge, wind, cars on a bridge. Basically anything that doesn't stay on that structure forever.
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Is imposed load same as live load?

Imposed loads - or live loads, movable loads that act on the structure when it is in use Imposed load = Live load ;)
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What is tpn load-break switch?

TPN Load break switch: Is basically a main switch used in three phase system and know as Three pole neutral or Three phase neutral having four connectors for three phases and (MORE)

Is load the same as resistance?

Depending on who is asking about, it could be. But strictly speaking, no. When referring to "load", this could be resistance and reactance (Load at a certain power factor).
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Are load factor and power factor the same?

No Load factor is average power consumption rate divided by peak power consumption rate over a period of time. Power companies like customers who have very steady consumption (MORE)

What are static load and dynamic load?

 A static load is the effect of gravity on an object or structure.    A dynamic load is the forces that move or change when acting on a structure.    Example of a (MORE)
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What is the dead load and a live load and a dynamic load in a building?

  Dead load is the total load of all of the components of the building that generally do not change over time, such as the steel columns, concrete floors, bricks, roofing (MORE)

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