Why is common law a part of most state's law?

Because all laws passed by the government get accpect by almost every state or county in America the only way to turn down the law is to have the senta or congress to vote aga (MORE)
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Is your sister-in-law's mother your mother-in-law?

If (as a man) you married your sister-in-law's sister then her mother is your mother-in-law. If (as a woman) you married your sister-in-law's brother then her mother is you (MORE)

Are most of the US laws based on English Common laws?

No. We have a "common law" legal system, meaning in part that judges are bound by the precedent set in previous cases. This is in comparison to a "civil law" legal system like (MORE)

Can a sister-in-law take a insurance out on your mother and keep the money?

Yes. There is no law against insuring the life of another person (unless it can be proven after-the-fact, that it was done as part of a plot to kill them and benefit from the (MORE)

Why most women complaint about their mother in laws and sister in laws are common - doesn't it mean that some emotional or psychological issues are related commonly with this relation?

I think this is more on the side of the mother-in-law or sister-in-law. They feel that a new woman is coming into their son's/brother's life and essentially taking over the po (MORE)

Is it sisters-in-laws or sister-in-laws?

Neither is correct. The correct forms are presented for you in thesentences below: . "This is my sister-in-law Jane" - when introducing the wife of your brother John or . (MORE)