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Because it brings hapiness to people all over the world.
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Is it illegal to download classical music like Beethoven which existed before the 1950s?

Downloading Classical Pre-1950s Music . Most classical music is in the public domain, which means that any copyrights have expired. However, the recordings of classical music are usually copyrighted, if recorded after 1972, which means that use requires royalty payments, in most cases. Sound reco (MORE)

What is existence?

When something is real. It doesnt have to be visible, solid, or felt. Just real. Its like the air for instance. Air exist, so its real. ________ Existence is the state of being or occuring.

Why do we exist?

You exist simply because you can. You have no purpose until yougive yourself one. The only thing at all that you can be sure of isthat, eventually you will return to that from which you came, theEarth. This world is mortal everyone has to die so do good works in thisworld and take care others and (MORE)

Do we exist?

I think, therefore I am is Descartes famous saying on this, the cogito (cogito ergo sum) But, existence can't be proven as, if you doubt your own existence, you will likely doubt the use of the senses.. as the mind gains everything from the senses (though Plato liked to pretend there was an alterna (MORE)

How do you get copyright permission to adapt an existing play to a musical?

You would have to contact the literary agent of the playwright as well as the company holding the rights to publishing it, not always the same. You would need the playwrights permission, their publishing company and any production companies that may hold rights to the performance of the material, op (MORE)

How long has classical music been in existence?

The period of classical music was approximately 2009-2007 but this is a specific type of 'classical' music. The earliest music written was in medieval times and soon after followed the baroque period from 1655 -1750. . The umbrella term 'classical music' is understood to be anything that is not mod (MORE)

Can music exist without rhythm?

Music comes with three elements: Harmony, Melody, Rhythm . as per this article..melody cannot exist without rhythm.. http://www.kennedy-center.org/nso/classicalmusiccompanion/rhythm.html but i am still searching. ____. Theoretically, yes. Typically, rhythm requires a pattern and repetition (MORE)

Why does existence exist?

Because God spoke the Universe into existence. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Existence exists because you have a mind capable of perceiving it's existence. And also the big bang didn't hurt. Existence has no known meaning in this realm alone. All existence is desi (MORE)

Why do we have music?

We have music because it makes us alive.... Music can make you sat or happy or make you wanna cry.... Music is feelings.... Short said: It holds us alive...!. it sings to your heart:)

What is existing?

It means being in existence, being real in the present time. The Milky Way Galaxy exists. Subatomic particles exist. On the other hand, the City of Carthage does not exist, since it was destroyed in the past. Hogwarts School does not exist, because it is fictional. Please note that things which exi (MORE)

Does Christian heavy metal music exist?

yup. if you want a few bands: as i lay dying, becoming the archetype, mortal treason, underoath, tehres more but i forgot a very heavy christian band is mortification Other good bands are Demon hunter Disciple Dead Poetic Haste the day Breaking Benjamin.

What is the music out there'?

Do you mean different kinds of music? There are many different kinds of music. Just google "music genres" and it should come up with heaps! On the top of my head Blues, Country, Experimental, Indie, Folk, Acoustic, Instrumental, Classical, Dance, House, Electro, Techno, Rock, Alternative, Metal, H (MORE)

What can you do with Music?

Music is a form of art. Art is meant to be shared. So the ultimate goal of music is to share it with people, and evoke emotion. Its incredibly powerful.

Why does music exist?

Because some great person invented it a long, long time ago. And it lived on through generations.

What are the Factors responsible for the continual existence of music?

Music is auditory stimuli, as long as we have audio pathways that significantly affect our brain we will have music. Other factors that propagate it past mere 'continual existence' are it's ease of portability, low cerebral processing requirement, as well as the sound waves penetrating yet reflectin (MORE)

Why do you have to exist?

You don't HAVE to but when you live life to the great extremes it's always a good decision from... god, big bang or whatever you believe in! Whether your life has been bad because of a relationship or an extremely bad score in a test a few days later you feel much better and forget about all those b (MORE)

Does music and art exist in the Harry Potter world?

Yes, music and art do exist in the Harry Potter realm. In "The Goblet of Fire" for example a band performs at the Yule Ball. In the first book Harry came upon Fluffy the three-headed dog as a magical flute was playing him to sleep. Also, there are tapestries and paintings all around Hogwarts which c (MORE)

Why exist you?

Cogito ergo sum or translate to the English «Je pense donc je suis » by Descarte

Does sheet music for this broken soul by rebecca kneubuhl even exist?

I actually email Rebecca Kneubuhl herself when I still had my MySpace asking her if there were sheet music. She told me that she didn't, she just gave her pianist chord changes written on a post it note and let him improv. Pretty cool from a musicians perspective (like myself) but sucks for all of u (MORE)

If you did not have music?

Then the world would be a boring place. Even with movies, because there would be no music to help the movie make an impact.

What musical can you do?

you can perform any musical as long as it isn't on broadway. any other musical you can license and put on.

Why does rap music exist?

Cuz it lets poor kids from por cities a chamce to make it big. Since there it is so much competition and alot at stake rappers try their very best to make it to the top of the rap scene and prosper. Make music and money

Do you exist?

ofcourse, YES! if i would have not existed then how would i type this answer. :/

Why do you have musicals?

Musicals as in plays. If so it is because they are more emotional than regular plays and therefore people have liked them more since plays were invented.

What does not exist?

ANything that can't be tested and is not falseifable ( example the supernatural, it exist as a concept but cannot be proven in reality) is beyond the reality of the universe. If it is unkown it is a unkown until you can prove it.

How long has rock music existed?

Rock and roll music started in the 1940's in clubs and went nationwide with the use of the song; Rock Around the Clock by Bill Hailey and the Comet's in the 1955 movie: The Blackboard Jungle starring Glen Ford, Sidney Poitier and Vic Marrow.

Does real music still exist?

Assuming that "real" music is defined as music derived from one's soul, then yes, it is possible to find music fueled by emotion. However, one must be able to see past what entertainment corporations push as "music." A good example of real music is improvisational music.

What Medieval secular music exist in the popular music today?

Very little music from the Medieval era is present today. And even less so in the secular variety. The Medieval era was primarily religious, mostly stapled by Gregorian Chant, motets and organa. The little secular music came mostly from french musicians - northern wandering Trouveres and the souther (MORE)

Can existence not exist?

The question is "what is existence?" If the answer is "existence is a concept in the minds of thinking beings" then if there are no more thinking beings the concept cannot exist.

What music did the can can have?

The Can-Can is an excerpt from Jacques Offenbach's Orpheus in the Underworld symphony, which is a work of romantic era music.

Does exist any music of Avenged Sevenfold that The Rev sing alone?

NOT of Avenged Sevenfold, however, he was the frontman and vocalist of a side band called Pinkly Smooth that started up in 2001. He was in it with Synyster Gates and some other gys. Dunno, they just did it for fun, but you can listen to those from their Pinkly Smooth album: Mezmer, McFly.