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Why must we put food in refrigerator?

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Food is put in refrigerator to prevent it from spoilage by the action of microbes. Rerrigeration at 5oC retards microbial growth, although with extended storage, microorganisms eventually grow and produce spoilage. Slow microbial growth at temprature below -10oC has been described, particularly with fruit juices concentrates, ice cream, and some fruits. Some microorganism are very sensitive to cold and their numbers are reduced. Thus although refrigration slows down the metabolic activity of most microbes, it does not lead to significant decrease in overall microbial populations. Still refrigeration is a convinent and popular way of store and preserving food.
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Can you put warm food in the refrigerator?

It is best if you cool the food down fast by putting it in an ice bath. To do this you place the container of food in a shallow pan of ice water to bring the temp of the food

Can food in a can be put in the refrigerator?

Yes, although there is no particular value in doing so. Food canned properly will not readily spoil (although it should be used before the "use by" date, refrigerated or not).

Can you put food coloring in fondant after you refrigerate it?

You could, but probably easier to mix in the color before you do so.

How long after turning on refrigerator can food be put in?

You can put food in immediately. Even though it will take the refrigerator some time to cool to the temperature at which you have set it, food does not go bad instantly. The d

Is it unsafe to put a metal spoon of fork in food in refrigerators?

no because if you can put a fork in the microwave you can put one in the refrigerator . What I have come to believe is that putting metal in the refrigerator in and of itse

Why is not acceptable to put hot foods in the refrigerator?

Placing hot food inside a fridge means that the motor has to startup and keep running until the temperature returns to normal. Also,food close to the hot food may become semi-