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Why pH increased when boiler tube leakage?

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acid or base
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Difference between water boilers and fire tube boilers?

Water Tube Boilers Suitable for high steam pressure (above 500 psig) and temperature(to 1000 F) and large capacities exceeding millions of lb/h of steam. Extended surfaces can

How does the fire tube boiler operate?

In a fire tube boiler, the water surrounds a set of tubes through which the fire and the products of combustion travel (as opposed to a water tube boiler, in which the water t

What are baffles in water tube boilers?

Baffles in water tube boilers are generally spiral twisted pieces of metal (though other methods have been used) inserted into the flue tube to cause turbulence, in addition t

What reason to bulge boiler tubes?

This is caused by overheating of the shell plates and it affecsthe  entire thickness of the plate. So, too much heat = weaker metal =  thus bulge due to the weakend metal su

Who invented the corner tube boiler?

November 12, 1944, the first basic patent for Corner Tube Boilers (= Eckrohrkessel, Berlin, Germany) was applied for. During this time oil as fuel ran short. All efforts, to s
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How do you increase boiler efficiency?

we can increase boiler efficiency by recovering the heat which is being carried by flue gases.by incorporating different things like Economizer, Air pre-heater , Super-heater

What is pH of boiler feed water?

Well I'm not hundred percent sure of that but as long as I am aware it should remain a '7' because it's still neutral meaning pure water just heated up a little and if it does