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Why people wear black clothing?

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to look thinner

Black is a professional colour that doesn't usually stand out. Think about it, if someone was wearing a bright purple and green suit, would you (for example) let them be your lawyer or take care of your finances or drive a limo?
It's just about fitting in with the crowd.
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Why do goths wear black clothing?

Black expresses death, the macabre, and the unknown, which are often influences in gothic music, whether in seriousness or tongue-in-cheek.

Why do you need to wear black clothes?

Not knowing about what is the context of this question I will just make a few pointers. Black has different social and psychological connotations, depending on the culture yo

Do black people wear timberland clothing?

Black people can wear whatever they want to wear. This question is exactly the same as saying, do white people wear timberland clothing. Race does not affect a person's fash

Why do Arabs wear black clothes?

They don't just wear black!!! but when women leave their homes they wear a black Abaya. wearing an Abaya over there is like wearing a coat in here. not all of them cover their

People wear black clothes in someone's death why is that?

they are showing respect. the color black is the color of sadness, death, pain, and utter loss. if someone shows up waering lets say, yellow,the color yellow is a very happie

Why do British people wear the clothes they wear?

From the lighter side: It's because they are fickle! But seriously, folks: Sometimes, practicality is over-ridden by flair, whimsy, or political statement. As many peop
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Why do not wear black clothes in summer?

We don't wear black clothes in the summer because black colour is very hot piece of clothing and white is the type of colour of clothing you should wear for summer. .