Why plants do not have a heart?

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plants have a vascular system that that is similar to the blood vessels in animals. However rather then having a heart to move their fluids about other forces are utilised.

Current theory holds that in small plants, root pressure alone is enough to keep fluids moving to all the of the plants extremity's. In the case of larger plants and trees just root pressure would not be able to accomplish the job. the movement of liquids upward through the xylem tissues is done by what is referred to as cohesion-tension theory. Water molecules are strongly attracted to each other, i.e cohesion. at the same time they are strongly attracted to the rigid walls of the xylem vessels, i.e, adhesion.
When water evaporates through the leaves, the water column in the vessels is subjected to tension, ie the cohesion of the water molecules pull the molecules that are below them up into the leaves to replace the molecules that have evaporated. The molecules cant pull inwards away from the walls of the xylem vessel walls because of adhesion. The liquid can only be puled upwards, This is called transpirational pull. And the water constantly is pulled up the xylem as a result of the transpiration off the leaves. as this is happening water enters the roots from the soil to replace the water lost from the top of the column.
Downward flow of nutrient's, plant hormones, and other materials is covered by the by the pressure-flow hypothesis, proposing that nutrients (carbohydrates) move from where they are made and stored, (the source), to where they are used and stored, (the sink). The process begins when carbohydrates are transported into sieve tubes. As they enter the tube, water is also transported in by osmosis and a positive pressure builds up at the source end. This is the pressure part of the hypothesis. This process is reversed at the sink end of the sieve tube.
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Do plants have a heart?

A plant does not have a heart but, it has something inside of a plant that's almost like a heart.

What plant has heart shaped leaves?

There are as many as 60 plants world wide with heart shaped leaves.A few of them are the Red Fox, the Earth Angel, and Twilight.

Do carnivorous plants have a heart?

No, Carnivorous plants are plants no matter what! They don't think to catch prey, they do it naturally. If they had a heart, they would be animals!
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Does plant have a heart?

No. Plants do not have hearts, because hearts are used to pump blood, and plants do not have blood, therefore they do not need and do not have a heart. Hearts of palm refers t