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Why ponds freeze in winter but sea rarely freezes?

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In ponds, the water stays more still but in seas the water moves and does not freeze easily.
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Why do ponds freeze from top to bottom?

Water is rather unique among substances. It increases its density with cooling until it reaches 4 o C (Above freezing) at that time getting cooler lowers its density. As a con

Do polar bears live only where the sea freezes in the winter?

Yes, polar bears depend on the floating sea ice of the Arctic tohunt seals. During summer they are sometimes forced onto land wherethey compete with land bears for small anima

Why do ponds freeze but the sea around England seldom do?

One reason is because ponds are fresh water and the ocean is salt water, and salt water freezes a few degrees lower than fresh water. The main reason though is because the oce

How deep does a pond have to be not to freeze solid?

This depends on your location. The colder it is in your environment, the more depth is needed. Usually in a typical New England town (where I'm from) a natural pond needs to

Why does pond water freeze more easily than sea water?

Fresh water freezes at a higher temperature than salty water does. That is because the dissolved salt has a chemical bond with the water in which it is dissolved, and in order

Why is this important when a pond containing goldfishes freezes over in winter?

Providing the pond is not too shallow the ice will only freeze on the surface. the fish then move to the lower depths of the pond where their metabolism slows down and they li