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Why profit maximization is not an appropriate goal of the firm?

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I'd like to start off by saying that the question is grammatically incorrect. If the question were "Why is profit maximization not an appropriate goal of the firm?" then my answer would most likely be centred around the fact that a firm cannot survive with mere profit maximisation, but must increase long-term security through investment and meeting shareholder expectations. This will increase their productive capacity for the furture as well as encourage the risky capital investment of the shareholders. If your question was 'Why is profit maximisation not the most important goal of the firm?" I would have to disagree with you, as it is the forerunner goal of nearly every term, excluding gov. firms, Australian banks and charities.
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What are the situations when the profit maximization inconsistent with firm value maximization?

It is fairly easy to make short-term profits at the expense of long-term value creation.  Milk the company. Some examples: - Make lots of short term sales by lowering prices, (MORE)

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Is profit of wealth maximization an appropriate goal of corporations?

Wealth maximization is the appropriate objective of an enterprise. When the firm maximizes the stockholder's wealth, the individual stockholder can use this wealth to maximiz (MORE)

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How is the goal of profit maximization affected by ethical considerations?

As a goal "profit maximization" alone is too simple to be meaningful.    All goals are filtered by our values. If someone is driven by greed alone then ethics may not (MORE)

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Why maximizing shareholers' wealth is always the goal of a firm instead of maximizing profits of the firm's?

The foundation of a firm is the investment, the wealth of its promoters and more importantly the share holders. Share holders have invested their money in the firm basing on t (MORE)

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Why is profit maximization by itself an inappropriate goal?

The behavior should not be governed by egoistic thinking but rather by an understanding of what has future for the society (for nature, for the planet) as a whole. We can call (MORE)