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Why put a sixpence in your shoe during a wedding?

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There is an old tradition in the form of a poem that says the bride at a wedding should have: Something Old [symbolizing continuity] Something New [offering optimism for the future] Something Borrowed [reminding that one can depend on friends and family] Something Blue [symbolizing purity, love and fidelity] And a Silver Sixpence in your Shoe. [for luck] Historically (i.e., dating back to the reign of Elizabeth the First in the 16th century), the Lord of the Manor where the bride lived would give a sixpence as a wedding gift. Later, the custom evolved to that of the parents of the bride presenting a sixpence as a dowry gift. Since Victorian times, however, it has become more of a good luck charm to bring wealth and happiness to the marriage. By the way, the sixpence is traditionally placed in the bride's left shoe.
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