Why sex ratio of Bihar is lowest?

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Sex ratio in Bihar is way better than majority of states in India. The lowest sex ratio is in Haryana.
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What is ratio?

A ratio is a comparison of like quantities measured in like units or quantities and or quantities of the same kind.

What is a ratio?

A ratio is a comparison between two quantities. Ratio is the quantitative relation between two different amountsshowing the number of times one value is contained within theother. To solve, you have to make each side of the ration equal,like an even scale. Adding further it is the value of relation (MORE)

What is the sex ratio in India?


What is the capital of Bihar?

Answer \n. \n Patna is the capital of Bihar in North India.\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \n Patna is the capital of Bihar and Bihar is a state of India .. patna

Where is bihar?

Bihar is a state in India. It lies in the eastern region and is the12th largest state by area and 3rd largest by population. itscapital is Patna, which is also the biggest city.

How do you do ratio?

A ratio is done simply by finding the quotient of the two values.For example the ratio of A to B = A / B. The ratio of B to A = B /A.

List 5 reasons why bihar has lowest literacy rate in India?

1. Poverty and rising population (28% rise 1991-01) 1 2. Illiterate parents and parental attitudes 3. Rampant corruption in Bihar's Political and governmental setup. Political interests to sustain reign by keeping the public illiterate and unaware. 4. Fewer industries due to poor infrastruc (MORE)

How do you answer a ratio?

the answer on how to do a ratio problem is the relationship in quantity,amount,or size between two or more things.

What is Bihars population?

As per the latest Census data, compiled in 2001, the population of Bihar was 82,998,509, making it the third largest state of India by population.\n

Why is sex ratio unbalanced in the world?

In the world today, 49% of the population is men and 51% is women. The reason for this difference is women live longer; therefore more elderly women then men. I believe women live longer because so many die off naturally because of childbirth.

Reason for declining sex ratio in India?

Male children are expected to grow up, work hard, marry, and look after their aging parents. Female children are expected to grow up, work hard, marry, and look after their husband's aging parents. That's why many people in India don't want female children. Recent technology allows people to see i (MORE)

Why Bihar is backward?

The Indian state of Bihar has a low literacy rate, of around 52 percent. This translates to a rate of around 59.7 percent for males and 33.1 percent for females. The sex ratio is around 108.8, that is, for every 100 females, there are 108.8 males - in a population of nearly 83 million. This is the t (MORE)

What is the ratio reduced to lowest terms thirty one quarters to thirty dollars?

Convert both terms to the same unit of measurement - Use the smallest unit to avoid starting with fractions where possible. $30 = 4 x 30 = 120 quarters. The ratio is therefore 31:120 As 31 is a prime number and is not a factor of 120 then this ratio cannot be simplified. However, ratios are often (MORE)

What is the sex ratio of haryana?

The sex ratio of Haryana (state of India) is 902 females (1000 male) in 1991and in 2001 820 females (1000males)as per both census of India.

Why do you not need to consider the sex ratio for an ant population?

You do not need to consider the sex ratio for an ant population as the Queen ant creates all the eggs, which they hatch and become worker ants to feed the queen so the Queen can reproduce, if all the worker ants die, the Queen dies and no eggs are laid, so the sex ratio is not considered in (MORE)

Why is sex ratio low in India?

There are several reasons for low sex ratio- 1) Female foeticide-A large no of girls are killed in the womb only though determining sex before child birth is illegal. 2) Lack of Education among masses-people are not enough eduated to know the importance of girls .Many of them are not even aware (MORE)

What is ratio of 15 and 75 in lowest terms?

This is all about factorising. Firstly yo have to find the biggest number that will go into both 15 and 75. 15 goes into both 15 and 75. Divide both numbers by 15, (15/15=1) (75/15=5) Therefore the ratio in its lowest terms is 1:5 If you can not recognise that 15 is the highest common fa (MORE)

What is a ratio about?

There are two kinds of ratios. One is the ratio of a circle, which is half the circle's diameter, (which is the length of the circle across), which can be used to find the circles area. (the ratio squared multiplied by pi). The other ratio is something that looks like this 1:2 which work similar to (MORE)

Which Norwegian county has registered the lowest number of same-sex marriages?

Although Statistics Norway, the official government website, publishes data concerning marriages and divorces in Norway, including same-sex marriages, it has not posted figures broken down by county and by type of marriage. The number of same-sex marriages is available, as is the number of marriages (MORE)

What is the ratio of same-sex marriage to traditional marriage?

There is no such thing as traditional marriage, since marriageoriginates from many many different traditions. But if you are asking about the ratio between opposite sexmonogamous marriage and same sex monogamous marriage, the ratio in2013 was more than 100 hetero marriages for every gay marriage.

How do you write this ratio as a fraction in lowest terms 30 feet to 60 feet?

30 / 60 = 1/2, so this is the same as 1 foot to 2 feet. Please note that WikiAnswers is not here to do your homework for you. If this question is from work you have been assigned by a teacher or professor, I suggest you do the work yourself instead, which will help to increase your understanding of (MORE)

Why Bihar called Bihar?

Bihar, to the Buddists, is the Holy Place to visit and live in. Places like Buddhgaya, Sarnath symbolize sacred land associated with meditation and renunciation of Lord Buddha.

Why is it useful to express ratios in lowest terms?

The numbers in the simplified form are smaller and so may be easier to comprehend. Also, working with the lowest terms means that the results of multiplications or divisions are smaller numbers and so less susceptible to errors - either calculation mistakes made by the user or rounding errors becau (MORE)

Why does kerala has the highest sex ratio?

Kerala is a highest educated state in our country. The highest sex ratio of female is only due to the good thinking of the residents of Kerala state. Kerala is also known as a God's own place.

What is ratio-?

A ratio says how much of one thing there is compared to another thing. There are 3 blue squares to 1 yellow square Ratios can be shown in different ways: Using the ":" to separate the values: 3 : 1 Instead of the ":" you can use the word "to": 3 to 1 Or write it like a fraction: 3 1 A ratio can be (MORE)

What is a ratio-?

The definition for the word ratio is "the quantitative relationbetween two amounts showing the number of times one value containsor is contained within the other."

Why is a populations sex ratio important?

Well, there has been a recent study showing that stress during pregnancy can cause miscarriages, but strangely it affected predominantly male fetuses. That's not really helpful. In countries where male children are favored over the female ones, then you might see an increase of the male population. (MORE)

Why does India have unfavorable sex ratio?

Mainly two things: . An Indian woman is expected to bring a considerable dowry withher into marriage, making it very expensive for a family withseveral daughters to get them all married. . An indian woman getting married is (traditionally) pretty muchexpected to LEAVE her family behind, and "joi (MORE)