Why should child abuse be stopped?

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  • Child abuse should be stopped because children have no control over their own lives and their little voices are often never heard, so it is up to parents or even adults without children to come down heavily on those that make an innocent child's life miserable by physical or cruel verbal abuse.
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How do you stop child abuse?

The best way to stop child abuse is to be informed about it, and to get help for anyone you know who is a part of it; There is help out there, and no one deserves to be stuck

How child abuse can be stopped?

It may be reduced but the cold fact is that it will never be stoped altogether. Abusive relationships of all sorts go back into history as far as you would like to go. As amat

When was child abuse get stopped?

Actually, Child abuse has been around for ever and always will. But there are laws against it now if that's what you mean.

What should be done to stop child abuse?

well you tell someone and then contact a coup called caf cas and they will give you advise and get you away from the people. You will be fine just... Don't worry and if yOu ar

How can child abuse be stopped?

yes, you can call some help lines that are able to help you through some things and overcome your fears its not ok to abuse or to be abused call 0800 its not ok. im sure they

Why should child abuse stop?

Because it leaves the child with physical and psychological scars that can forever hinder their happiness in life. It's not fair that someone should take a child's happiness a

What can people do to stop child abuse?

If child abuse is suspected, you should report it to help the child! You can call your local Child Protective Services(CPS). The call is confidential.

Is there a way to stop child abuse?

I personally think there is a way to stop child abuse..but the thing is is its reallly up to tht person like they need to talk to somebody about it like a pastor or a friend o

Why child should not be physically abuse?

Well first of all they shouldn't be abused because your just going to make them into a dangerous person that's not cool at all. And second, why even hit your child? There like
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What is considered ''child abuse'' and what can you do to stop it?

child abuse is when adults take advantage of children: beating them up saying : youll never amount to anything sexual abuse children being starved by not being fed hardly
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Why should you stop child abuse and how?

You should stop child abuse because it is scaring the kids. Think of how scared they are of their own parent's. Think about how much pain they are in because of child abuser's
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What organizations stop child abuse?

Since you didn't mention a country, we can not give a specificregional answer. Here are some organisations from variouscountries: . NSPCC (National Society for the Preventi