Why should we study literature?

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Here's why you need to study literature:
  • Studying anything makes you smarter!
  • Literature is entertaining!
  • Literature shows you how to communicate better
  • Literature shows you information about the world and other cultures
  • Literature makes you think creatively
  • Literature helps you to understand abstract ideas like loyalty and heroism
  • Studying how good authors write helps you learn how to write better
  • Studying great literature helps you to understand the past and appreciate your culture
  • Analyzing literature teaches you how to compare and contrast things and how to analyze information in your daily life
  • Analyzing literature teaches you to think logically and make better decisions

Literature and artwork in general draw from the context of the time contemporary to publication. For example, studying Shakespeare gives insight into the Victorian Age. Literature is a link in history. Much of what we know of Greek mythology and culture comes from what they left behind in the arts. Plato and his "Allegory of the Cave" for example. Socrates and "Oedipus Rex." Homer his "Iliad" and "The Odyssey" both contribute much to our understanding of Greece. We know of hardships during the Great Depression because of works such as Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath. Of course, reading literature also helps the learning process and the development of a unique writing style, as well as vocabulary.
Because, we learn to think critically and learn to be appreciative of books.
Our ability to think and communicate is what separates us from the animals. You don't need to study literature, it is a privilege and part of your heritage as a human - be grateful you have the opportunity.

Literature is essentially the art or written works, whether those works are fiction (imaginary) or non-fiction (factual). Literature is broken down into a number of forms, including novels, plays, short stories, poems, etc. These forms are then broken down into even more styles, including historical fiction, biographies, fables, epics, fantasy stories, and so many more.

There is no right or wrong answer as to why people study literature. Essentially, it is because studying written communication allows us to gain insight into new and old cultures while studying the meaning of words and their impact. The study of literature does not only allow us to expand our vocabularies to new words, but our minds also expand with new ideas.
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