Why should women not smoke or drink alcohol when pregnant?

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Because if you drink alcohol then that can damage the foetus. If you smoke then that can damage the baby's lungs and make it difficult to breath.
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Can pregnant women drink alcohol?

Pregnant women are strongly advised to drink no alcohol at all. Heavy use of alcohol during pregnancy is extremely harmful and fetal alcohol syndrome is likely. Even light use

Why shouldn't pregnant women drink alcohol?

For the same reason you wouldn't put alcohol in a baby bottle. The baby takes in whatever the mother eats or drinks. Alcohol kills brain cells and in developing fetus it can b

What happens when pregnant women drink alcohol?

The same as a person who isn't pregnant, except some the alcohol will find its way into the baby's bloodstream. A glass of something might little effect but gatting hammered p

Should pregnant women drink alcohol?

Well I guess yes...........i mean yes if want ur child to turn out defected or stillbirthed see alcoholic drink's have many chemicals and toxics witch need a grown liver to "c

Why should pregnant women not drink alcohol?

it was believed that any alcohol would damage the foetus but it's been proven that a small amount off alcohol (1 glass of wine a week for example) does not cause any harm. if