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Why shouldn't you give babies under one honey?

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a bacteria present in honey that babies do not have a resistance for. deadly... baby botulism
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Where can one give their baby up for adoption?

Contact a local adoption agency. They can arrange prospectiveadoptive parents and meeting to discuss the options you haveregarding the idea. You can also talk to the hospital

If you accidentally give babies honey what happens?

  Honey should not be fed to infants younger than 1 year old. Clostridium bacteria that cause infant botulism usually thrive in soil and dust. However, they can also conta

Can you give a baby honey?

DON'T EVER GIVE A BABY HONEY! It can kill your/someones baby because of all the bacteria. Also can hurt the baby's kidneys...

Who is the one who gives the gender of a baby?

The male (in mammals) because the female can only donate an X, whereas the male can donate either an X or a Y, which will determine whether the baby has XX (making it female)

On Howrse I had to give up one of my babies?

On Howrse there is a discussion thread in the events forum explaining about the new features. This thread includes information about the family feature.

What happens when you give a baby honey?

You shouldn't give a baby honey. Firstly, the baby's digestive system is not really developed enough to cope with a large amount of sugar -- and honey is almost all sugar.
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Why infants shouldn't eat honey?

I believe it's because of the possibility that honey could contain some bacteria that an infant's system isn't ready to deal with but is harmless to older children and adults.