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Why silver jewellary tarnish with lime?

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How does silver get tarnished?

Answer . It happens with exposure to air and certain chemicals. The silver atoms combine with oxygen to form a layer of silver oxide, which is what causes the discolorat

How does silver tarnish?

Silver tarnishes from reacting with Oxygen in the air (The stuff we breathe, if you don't know, I highly doubt you don't know) thus forming tarnish.

Tarnishing of silver?

Yes, it happens, unfortunately.

What is silver tarnish?

Silver tarnish occurs when silver turns black, caused by oxidation  when it is exposed to the air. Tarnish can be removed by rubbing  the silver with polish and a soft cloth

What is tarnishing silver?

The tarnishing of silver is a chemical reaction in which oxygen and hydrogen sulfide in the air is reacting with (oxidizing) metallic silver to form silver sulfide, Ag2S. This

What tarnishes silver?

  Good question! I know that there are so many different things that can tarnish silver. I believe the main cause for tarnishing silver is sulfur that is found in many lot

Does nickel silver tarnish?

I have a nickel silver chain that was sold as sterling silver in 1991 (it is stamped "ster"). However it is turning a bluish color. Sterling silver first turns a yellowish col

What is tarnish on silver?

Silver tarnish is silver that has reacted with the air to form Silver Oxide, AgO, under certain conditions, and it is black in color. Silver Nitrate, AgNO3, has been used to d
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Does silver plated tarnish?

Yes, it does. Any silver or silver plate item will oxidise if it exposed to the atmosphere and not polished regularly. But cutlery or other items that can be wrapped in tiss

Why silver jewelry is tarnish with lime?

sterling silver is 97.5% pure silver and7.5 copper alloy. This  copper alloy reacts to humid conditions and acidic skin by  tarnishing (brown) and oxiding (black).Lime is ve