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Why some women cant give birth?

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because they do lot of bad things before their marriage:-):-):-):-):-).
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Women fart when giving birth?

It is possible and many women do.. ANSWER . Given the circumstances of being spread apart & pushing with everything you've got it is certain you will pass gas while you ar

Does a women poop when giving birth?

It is possible because the same muscles and effort are used. . Don't know the exact statistics, but I have to say it is extremely high. As the baby's head moves down into

Why do women die giving birth?

Because,its very painful and some women can't handle the pain,so most die of a heart attack or a siesure.

Why cant men give birth?

they can a man gave birth to a healthy baby girl in 2004

Why do women give birth in water?

Because in some cases of pregnancies, women are Proponents and believe that this method is safe and provides many benefits for both mother and http://www.answers.com/topic/in

Why do the women have to give birth?

they give birth in my opinion for three reasons 1. to keep the population going 2. because they are the only sex able to concive a child 3. they want to start a family

Can women give birth after menopause?

A woman stops producing eggs at menopause, so no. A woman stops producing eggs during pregnancy too, so if a woman is pregnant they are not in menopause.

Why cant female vampires give birth?

Because they are not alive. In vampire academy iit is stated that vampires are the body and wraths the soul. But generally speaking it is because they do not go through human
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Are their women who never give birth?

Absolutely ! There are millions of women on Earth that have never given birth. Pregnancy and childbirth are a woman's personal choice. Some choose never to have children.

How do women die from giving birth?

The most common two reasons women die during or soon aftergiving birth are: . hemorrhage - a sudden, severe, and profuse loss of bloodand blood volume in the body, which i