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Why some women cant give birth?

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because they do lot of bad things before their marriage:-):-):-):-):-).
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Do women poop when they give birth?

It is very common. I had a bowel movement with my first but not my second. If you go into natural labor, your body will often dump itself of any but if you have a fast labor o

Why do women give birth?

Thats how god wanted it to be. Alternate answer: Because women have the reproductive system to do so. If men had the reproductive system of women and vice versa then women wou

Why do women die giving birth?

Because,its very painful and some women can't handle the pain,so most die of a heart attack or a siesure.

How did American women give birth in the 1930?

most women still didn't give birth in hospitals. (only about 40% did) the baby would be delivered by a midwife (a woman that assisted women in child birth). most midwifes were

Can a women of 30 give birth to her first child?

Of course. A woman can have her first child anytime from onset of menstruation (her periods - around 12 yrs) until the menopause (periods stop - usually around her 50s). Obv
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Why does it hurt when women give birth?

Because if the baby comes out of the vagina then the hole it come's out of get's bigger from the baby's head pushing it's way out. I havn't given birth but i heard its VERY pa