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Sports are good! It provides us to get the energy that we need which is physical exercise. We need this because it maintains a healthy metabolism which can help us to reduce the amount of obesity that's been happening to a lot of people and diseases. Regular exercise is great as you are fit and healthy but if you got a busy schedule then sports day can be for you. It's a day with all sports that you can participate in and let yourself shine and to show people what you can do. Like for example there is running (racing) in order to keep you fit and much more other activities that you might enjoy. Another reason sports is good for you is because it improves your mood & could help you lose a lot of weight and be very impressed with yourself and build your confidence up. People have to be active every day. Physical activity stimulates Growth and leads to improved physical and emotional health. Sports day is great because it allows you to push your boundaries and to do as much as you can and have fun with it. 'No pain no gain'. Joining in with sports allows you to relieve stress and to be better rested, also just to have fun with your friends and achieve what you can and to be proud that you have contributed and pushed yourself to the highest point you can but only what you can do.
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