Why there are palm trees in California?

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California is full of palms these days. It was not always like that. Only one species of palm is native to the state: The California Fan Palm (scientific name: Washingtonia filifera). From early on in California's history, people have realized that the sunny mediterranean climate would suit many additional types of palm trees. Some people brought palms from the east coast (Sabal palms, Butia palms, Royal palms), some brought palms from Europe (Date palms, European Fan palms), some brought palms from Asia (Windmill palms, Chinese Fan palms), and some more brought palms from Mexico (Mexican Fan palms). All of these different palm species added to the "palmy" environment Californians love so much today.
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Is a palm tree a tree?

No. A palm is a monocot (family monocotyledoneae), which is related to corn, grass, bamboo, agave, irises, yucca, etc. They do not develop rings year to year, and their stems are dramatically different from tree trunks. They do not add bulk to their trunks year to year at all, and their water tran (MORE)

Why are palm trees called palm trees?

ANSWER: Palm tree is short for palmetto tree. SECOND ANSWER: Not quite right. Palmetto means"little palm". As I understand it, palm means hand-shaped (think of the palm of your hand) because the leaves of a palm fan out like the fingers of a hand.

Are palm trees deciduous or coniferous trees?

Trees can be divided into six basic groups according to the features they have in common. These are, broadleaf trees, needleleaf trees, palm and pandanus and lily trees, cycad trees, tree ferns, and ginkgo trees.. Some tropical broadleaf trees are deciduous, but most are evergreen.

Which fruit grows on a palm tree?

There are a number of fruits that grow on palm trees. Coconuts, betel nuts, and dates. Heart of palm is a vegetable harvested from palm trees and used in salads.

What palm tree does palm kernel come from?

Palm kernel comes from the oil palm tree. It's an edible seed andcan produce palm kernel oil that comes from the kernel. The outerpart of the seed can make palm oil.

What grows on a palm tree?

Bananas are not palms at all, but a related species, so they do not count. Coconuts, Dates, Acai, Saw Palmetto, and other edible/medicinal fruits are grown on palms. Not every palm sets tasty fruit or fruit that is safe to eat! So please, do not go around picking the fruits off palms if you are unsu (MORE)

Are palm trees native to Florida?

Some species of the palm tree are indeed native to Florida. Otherspecies are native to California and various tropical areas. Thereare over 3,000 species of palm trees.

Where are palm trees from?

There are all different types of palm trees, all native to different countries.. The coconut palm tree is native to the island of Seychelles.. The Bottle palm tree is native to Round Island.. The Babassu palm tree is native to Southern Africa.. The Bismark palm tree is native to Madagascar.. Th (MORE)

How does a royal palm tree reproduce?

The royal palm tree, or roystonea regia, reproduces by producingunisexual flowers that must be pollinated by animals. Honey beesand bats are common pollinators for the royal palm.

How long do palm trees live?

The average lifespan of a palm tree is up to around 150 years old.Their life spans differ depending on care and climate.

Are palm trees considered grasses?

No palms are not grass, as noted in the statement below. Grassesbelong to the FAMILY Poaceae which is not even in the same SUBCLASSas palms. They are in the same CLASS Liliopsida, which includes allmonocots. This is a very high level of taxonomic classification,including things like Orchids, of whic (MORE)

Where did California Palm trees come from?

There are 2,500 different kinds of palm trees. The Fan palm is native to CA, the Washington Fan palm is native to Baja CA, and the date palm is native to northern Africa.

When did California get palm trees?

There is one native palm tree species in California, the remaining150 or so were imported. There is debate whether they were part ofa mission to get the unemployed back to work (plant) or as part ofLos Angeles Olympic bid in 1932

Why do palm trees lean?

Ok so the reason why you see leaning palm trees in pictures is because they are growing toward the sun. Not all palm trees lean. that would be the biggest myth ever. Pine trees, oak trees, elm trees, maple tree adn just about every other plant will do the same thing. They need light to be able to su (MORE)

What are kinds of palm trees?

There are actually a lot of different types of palm trees... . True Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera) . Canary Island Date Palms (Phoenix canariensis) . Texas Sabal Palms (Sabal texana, mexicana) . Mediterranean (European) Fan Palm (Chamaerops humilis) . California Fan Palms (Washingtonia (MORE)

The scientific name of palm tree?

The scientific name for the Palm family is Arecaceae. Within this family there are several genera including: . Acoelorrhaphe - Palm Trees . Roystonea - Royal Palms . Sabal - Palmetto Trees . Washingtonia - Fan Palms

Does Taiwan have palm trees?

The tropical coasts and the climate of Taiwan make it easy for palm trees to survive. Palm trees grow in mountains, resorts, beaches along with some other foreign plants.

What are the uses of palm trees?

Palm-trees are used as a decoration in cities, and coast-lines (that is, beaches). We use their fruits, the dates, as food. Their leaves, placed in rows, are used for fishing in shallow sea-waters. The fishes follow the lines consisting of palm-leaves, pegged in the bottom of the sea, towards a f (MORE)

Why does northern California have palm trees?

Low elevations in Northern California do have palm trees. Mainly snowless/ frostless areas but in inland areas that are prone to occasional winter frosts, some of the more tender ones will not grow well. Most of the popular varieties of palms, however, are ones that are hardy to the climate, and whi (MORE)

Are palm trees ferns or trees?

I am pretty sure they are trees.... SECOND ANSWER: There seems to be some disagreement whether palm trees should be called trees at all (having no branches but only trunks, leaf stems and leaves) although they often do reach enormous heights as far as plants go. Nevertheless they surely are not f (MORE)

Does New Jersey have palm trees?

New Jersey does not have any palm trees because of the cold climate. Palm trees are grown from Virginia south to Florida. In New Jersey, you may see some "palm plants" which look like little bushes with palm tree like leaves.

Does bananas grow on palm trees?

No, they don't. Banana's grow on a different type of tree. Bananas do not grow on trees, they are the largest flowering herbaceous plant. The main stem is a pseudostem which dies after fruiting.

What is a fruit of a palm tree?

a fruit beneath a palm tree is a coconut. They carry milk. They are also very hard to crack. There are various types of palm coconut palms being one date palms being another.

How do you limit the height on a palm tree?

you dont, palms are not diocots or monocots yet they grow from a single point of origin like a monocot. Buy a smaller variety like cascade palm, Robellini or dwarf date palm.

Is a palm tree Guyana national tree?

The country of Guyana does not have a national tree we do however have a national flower which is called the "Victoria Lilly". The Palm tree is however the symbol associated with one of the leading opposition political party and is used at their leisure thus its displayed on sign boards,advertisem (MORE)

What does palm tree mean in the Bible?

In many historical cultures, palms were symbols for such ideas as victory, peace, righteousness, and fertility Psalms 92:12-14 12The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon; 13planted in the house of the Lord, they will flourish in the courts of our God. 14Th (MORE)

Is palm tree is the national tree of uae?

There have always been hundreds of uses for the date palm no better described by an old Arab: "We shade ourselves with it, we eat its fruit, we feed our animals from its seeds, we make baskets and mats from its leaves, we build ceilings and columns from its trunk and we use it as fuel". Indeed the d (MORE)

Do berries grow on palm trees?

No they do not, well if you look closely at a palm tree, they do look as though they carry berries, but really it's the seeds that grow on the palm tree.They do although look like grapes in a bunch. I am pretty sure they don't. One kind grows coconuts and I know you can get palm oil, but berri (MORE)

Why do palm trees attract bees?

Bees are attracted to palm trees when they are in bloom(flowering). Bees are naturally attracted to flowers, as flower'spollen is their energy source.

Did palm trees grow in California or were they transplanted?

Yes and yes. The California fan palm is native to select southern Californian desert habitats. However, a fairly wide variety of non-native palms can be successfully grown in California, and many species have been. No palms are native to California's coast.

Why are there no coconuts in palm trees in Florida?

There are. I had 3 big coconut palms in my yard and they got so many coconuts that a couple times Hispanic landscapers from Miami stopped and asked if they could have the coconuts. One guy wanted them for tropical drinks at his nieces wedding reception. The reason you don't see many is that most pla (MORE)

Is the palm tree the tallest tree?

no. it isn't even close to being a "tall tree". The palm tree seems like an atom compared to the redwood trees. redwood trees are about 250 to 300 feet and sometimes even 320 feet, and the tallest redwood is 371.1 feet. and the tallest palm tree, know as the wax palm can reach 230 feet. most palms t (MORE)

What can you get from palm trees?

You can get coir. Coir is a coarse, water resistant fibre from the outer shell of coconuts. It is used in doormats, brushes, mattresses, and ropes. Dragon's blood is a resin used in dyes, varnishes and incense, can come from the fruit of the rattan. The betel nut is often chewed in eastern Asia as a (MORE)

Is a palm tree a tropical tree?

They are most prevalent in tropical regions. Some species of palm tree have managed to survive as far north as Canada, but not without special care. They are native to the tropics and subtropics. Whether they are actually a tree or not depends on which definition of "tree" you subscribe. It is (MORE)

What is there to do in Palm Springs California?

When visiting Palm Springs, California, there is usually plenty of activities that can be completed. Some of these basic activities include sightseeing mountains or viewing museums but may also include some of the following:golfing, trailing, hiking, walk, or even jogging.

What is on a palm tree?

What is in a palm tree is some sticky things and leaves. I hope I got it right plz put yes.