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Why there is darkness in the universe as sun and many stars are present there?

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Literally because it is so big. It is impossible for a human mind to imagine how big it is. There is so little out there relative to to the distance between each object. The nearest star to us is 4.2 light years away and the furthest you can see with the naked eye is around 4000 light years away so that should give you an idea of just how large space is. And again to emphasize, that's just with the naked eye.
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Is the sun the biggest star in the universe?

No. It just looks that way because we're so close to it. But after astronomers measured the size of a lot of stars, they recognized that the sun seems to be a very average siz

Is the sun the hottest star in the universe?

NO, the Sun is not the hottest star. The hottest stars are the blue and white ones. The Sun is a medium sized star. The reason we find it so hot is because it is the nearest s

Is the sun is the hottest star in the universe?

Not even close. The Sun is a little (very little) bigger than average, but the "average" includes some puny stars indeed. There are stars that are up to 150 times more massive

The sun is the hottest star in the universe?

No it is not, rather there billions of stars hotter than it e.g. Rigel, Eta Carinae, R136a1, etc,.The color of the star tells wether the star is hot or not. The sun is yellow

Is the sun the largest star in the universe?

No. Our sun is larger than the average star but nothingextraordinary. Other stars are much larger. Our sun only appearslarger to us because it is much closer than any other st

Is the sun the biggest star in your universe?

Yes sun is the biggest star in the universe.there are many hydrogen bomb blasts at every moment.this is due to the hydrogen bomb. BENEFITS OF SUN Sun give us light and many ot

Which gases are present in sun and stars?

Most stars consist mainly of hydrogen and helium. However, they also have smaller amounts of the so-called "metals", i.e., heavier elements.

Why is the universe dark even though you have the sun?

The Suns light only shines so far. Consider if you will a torch the closer to it you are the brighter it appears but its actually luminosity does not change. The same principl
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Why the universe is black as the sun is present in the universe?

The Universe appears to be dark because space (meaning nothing), contains no matter for the sun to shine on. Also, another reason is that the universe is so large that, if you
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Is the sun the star at the center of our universe?

NO ... it is the center of our solar system. That is, all our local planets revolve around it. Our solar system revolves around the center of the galaxy, about once every 2