Why use PVC tee with brass?

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In general you would only do this if you need to connect a section of brass piping to a pvc section.
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What is PVC used for?

PVC is used in a number of things for example; car dashboards, apple ipods/iphones/shower curtains, window frames, water pipes.

Can you mix brass pipe tee with galvanized pipe?

Yes, this is allowed, however the Brass Tee must be DZR certified, which means it has been through a process of dezinctifacation. This prevents the properties from the water a

Pvc to brass?

You can join PVC pipes to brass only by mechanical connections, ie a brass fitting with threads on the brass pipe and a PVC fitting with compatible threads on the PVC pipe.

Can you connect a brass pipe to a PVC pipe?

Yes and NO depending on what kind of piping system. for drain connections yes like tub drains or fixture traps but you need access to all slip/compression fittings. and NO you

What is the use of PVC?

It is used on very low budget housing, lawn furnature and toxic plastic bottles

How do you connect PVC to brass?

You need 2 mechanical fittings with compatible threads. One is PVC to glue to the PVC and one is brass to solder to the brass. Then they screw together.