Why use PVC tee with brass?

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In general you would only do this if you need to connect a section of brass piping to a pvc section.
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How to choose which tee height to use for tee off?

A good rule of thumb for a driver is to have the equator of the ball at the top of the clubface. If you have a modern "Volkswagen on a stick" driver you will need 3" tees or longer. Fairway woods might be a little lower, long irons lower still, and by the time you get to mid- to short irons, just gi (MORE)

Can sulfuric acid be used in PVC?

21 days of immersion . I have exposed PVC to 70% sulfuric acid for 21 days. No leakage or breakdown of the PVC container has been observed during this period.. 21 days of immersion . I have exposed PVC to 70% sulfuric acid for 21 days. No leakage or breakdown of the PVC container has been (MORE)

What is brass used for?

Brass is a metal and can be used for a wide range of different uses such as making musical instruments, doorknobs, mailboxes, and ornaments.US Navy sailors wear brass belt buckles because brass will not spark if scratched, as some other metals do.

What is the use of PVC pipe?

it has many uses such as drain lines, hot and cold water in residential and commercial buildings. there are also numerous applications in the industrial field as well.pvc and cpvc pipe can handle many different types of corrosive and acidic substances but has limits on high temps.

How do you tap into an existing 3 PVC drain pipe in order to insert a tee connector?

Measure the length of your tee, subtract 1 1/2 to 2 inches for each socket depth on the ends. The amount that is left over after you subtract for the sockets is what you want to cut out of the existing pipe. You should be able to spread the pipe apart enough to fit the tee in place when ready to glu (MORE)

What is PVC used for?

PVC is used in a number of things for example; car dashboards, apple ipods/iphones/shower curtains, window frames, water pipes.

Can you use a golf tee in the fairway?

No, you can only use a tee for a tee shot, which is a shot which is taken from the designated teeing area. The teeing area is defined by the two tee markers. You can not use a tee anywhere but the teeing area. If you do you are deemed to have improved your lie, which carries a two shot penalty.

What club is used to tee off?

this is a question that depends on your skill level. since you're asking you are probably a beginner. drivers will give you the most distance but they are not so accurate in the hands of a newcomer. so, for novices a 3,4 or 5 wood will be a better choice for starting out. they tend to produce a more (MORE)

What are the uses of brass?

Brass is used in instruments, coins, and many varied fixtures such as doorknobs, bolts, etc. Brass is also used to decorate many household items such as clocks and mirrors. During the medieval and ancient times, brass was used to decorate armor as well as forge cannons. Steel was used in cannons upo (MORE)

What is orange PVC pipe used for?

It is used for some fire suppression system sprinkler pipes. I have only seen that once though and it was an apartment complex. I think anything beyond residential is done with iron pipe.

Connect brass threaded nipple to PVC pipe?

If the brass threaded nipple is a male end and the PVC side is a female end, wrapping thread tape around the nipple and then screwing it into the female PVC end will provide a secure and watertight connection.

Can you mix brass pipe tee with galvanized pipe?

Yes, this is allowed, however the Brass Tee must be DZR certified, which means it has been through a process of dezinctifacation. This prevents the properties from the water as well as the galvanised pipe from eating through the Brass fittings. This is a legal requiremtnt in most countries, however, (MORE)

Pvc to brass?

You can join PVC pipes to brass only by mechanical connections, ie a brass fitting with threads on the brass pipe and a PVC fitting with compatible threads on the PVC pipe.

Can you connect a brass pipe to a PVC pipe?

Yes and NO depending on what kind of piping system. for drain connections yes like tub drains or fixture traps but you need access to all slip/compression fittings. and NO you can not use PVC to brass for like a discharge pipe on a waterheater PRV (pressure relief valve) or any hot water piping syst (MORE)

Why do you use brass?

To 'scrubb' off copper oxide or -carbonate or other oxides from Cu alloys (bronze, messing)

Where is brass used?

Brass is used in utensils, electrical goods, cartridge containers, parts of watches and musical instruments.

Can you use PVC glue on abs?

You can, but it won't work. The glues only work for their specific pipes. ANS 2 - PVC glue will only hold ABS in limited conditions, and can be broken apart easily. -There is a 'Transition cement ' made by Oatey, but yellow ABS glue is still the best for ABS piping.

How do you use PVC Adhesive?

You use PVC adhesive with a primer to join PVC pipes. Prime both pieces first, then after primer is dry paint a coating of glue on both pieces and force together, hold for at least 3-4 minutes for best joint. This will not cure for at least 4 hours so don't put any liquid in pipe for that period.

Can you use PVC conduit underground?

PVC conduit is recommended for underground installations. Just remember that a ground wire equal to the maximum load current of the device connected at the other end has to be installed. This ground wire is not counted in conduit fill calculations. It has to have a green insulation in colour and be (MORE)

How to glue brass fitting onto Pvc pipe?

You can not glue brass directly to PVC pipe. Use male/female adapters to join these two materials. ie, a male threaded PVC end fitting glued to the PVC pipe and a female threaded brass fitting screwed onto that.

Where can a golf tee be used?

The only place a tee can be used is on the designated teeing ground of each hole. This area is defined by the two tee markers. You can not use a tee anywhere else on the hole.

Can you use a tee for any shot?

No, you can only use the tee on your tee shot on every hole. Your tee shot is any shot that is hit from the designated tee box, and the teeing are is defined by the two tee markers. If you need to hit a provision shot from the tee box, you may use a tee. But you can not use a tee from anywhere else. (MORE)

Can acetone be used to clean PVC?

In pure form for household cleaning, no. Acetone is used as a solvent for PVC; it penetrates, softens and eventually dissolves the material, so using undiluted acetone to clean PVC will damage it over time. However, in a research project for the Department of Defense, a weak aqueous solution of ace (MORE)

What other uses are there for PVC glue?

PVC glues will work on PVC type plastics if a primer is applied. This is a specialised glue for piping and MAY glue other items, but don't expect too much.

What sport uses the term tee?

Golf - IOt sa small plasic cone placed in the ground that supports athe golfball - Its used to stop damage to the "tee" a grassey area used to start each "hole"

What temperature do you use PVC glue at?

You should not use regular PVC glue at lower temp than about 40f. -The glue is too thick and will not make good bonds this cold. -Weld On 725 is recommended for lower temperatures.

How do you connect PVC to brass?

You need 2 mechanical fittings with compatible threads. One is PVC to glue to the PVC and one is brass to solder to the brass. Then they screw together.

What sport uses a tee?

Golf! In golf, you use the tee, to set your ball on it, then you hit the ball with your selected club.

What is PVC and cPVC used for?

PVC is used for cheap drainage systems and venting and some lawn furniture and many chemical wastes CPVC is used for cheap hot water piping systems

Why are golf tees used?

Golf tees are used to help hold the balls up so that the player does not wack up the grass. Please answer my questions my member name is,Hellokitty122332.

What monoer is used in PVC?

I'm going to assume that you mean monomer, in which case the monomer of poly -vinyl chloride is vinyl chloride. It is two carbon atoms double bonded, with a chloro group attached to one, and associated hydrogen atoms attached to the other.

Can you use teflon on PVC threads?

Yes you can use Teflon tape or TFE paste. For best results hold tape in left hand and turn male fitting to the right being careful not to let any overhang in the opening so that it may come loose and cause problems further down the system.

How many sports use a tee?

A "tee" is a piece of sports equipment used to support a stationary ball while the player attempts to hit it. While a wide variety of sports can use tees, the most common include rugby, football, golf, and children's tee-ball.

What is PVC pipe typically used for?

PVC pipe is typically used for many projects. PVC pipe can be used for plumbing as well as water infiltration for gardens and for sprinkler systems for watering grass.

Why is PVC used to make raincoats?

PVC is an excellent material for raincoats as it is impervious to water. Therefore when it rains, the water simply slides off the coat, leaving the wearer nice and dry.

What is the use of clear PVC pipe?

Clear PVC pipes are typically used in bathrooms and toilets so that blockages can be found easier. The PVC material also offers exceptional corrosion resistance and has a smooth interior wall to promote unimpeded flow.