Why vizylac capsules is prescribed?

Most of the time vizylac is prescribed along with heavy dose of antibiotics to prevent acidity etc....vizylac contains lactic acid bacillus....
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What is levaquin prescribed for?

Levaquin is prescribed for Respiratory Infections, Pneumonia. For a individual who also is being treated for a U.T.I, it can be used to treat both infections as well.

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Why is Clopidogrel prescribed?

To prevent blood from clotting, thus preventing a heart attack. It is called anticoagulation therapy. It is normally prescribed for people who have had heart attacks. It preve… (MORE)

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What is Lupin prescribed for?

LUPIN is a word inscribed on pills that belong to certain pharmaceutical manufacturers. To my knowledge, there is no drug named Lupin. Depending on the shape and size of the p… (MORE)

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What is out of label prescribing?

It is when a doctor prescribes a medication for an ailment other than what it was FDA approved to be used for. It is not illegal, and in most cases it is not cause for alarm … (MORE)

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Why is Intasam prescribed?

If serotin level is very low in human body it leads to depression. The person who has low serotin production will struggle to do simple things for example cooking, cleaning ho… (MORE)