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Why was Hermes important to ancient Greeks?

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Hermes was the messenger god so he delivered messages to the gods.
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Why was ancient Greek theater important to the Greeks?

Theatre was part of religious festivals, in which they participated either on the stage or as spectators. Interestingly the farmer-warriors were happy to dance and sing the fe

Why did the ancient Greeks call mercury Hermes?

The Greeks did not call Hermes - their god - Mercury. Hermes was identified by the Romans with their Hermes.

Why were myths important to ancient Greeks?

Myths expressed their beliefs about their gods and goddesses Because they didn't have today's science so they thought there must be away to explain why the earth didn't just d

Why is Hermes important to the Greeks?

He was important to the Greeks. he was because he was the messenger of the gods so he delivered stuff back and forth for the gods Sorry kind of short answer hope it helps

What is the Greek god Hermes role in Ancient Greece?

In Ancient Greece, Hermes was a phallic god of boundaries. His name, in the form herma , was applied to a wayside marker pile of stones; each traveller added a stone to the p

Why was Persephone important to the ancient Greeks?

Persephone was important as both a goddess of spring, life renewing, and of death, as the Queen of the Underworld, where she rules the dead.