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Why was Michael Jackson sad for years?

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He never had a childhood and was very sad and lonely. He really did miss it.
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Are you sad that Michael Jackson died?

Yes.. Yep.. ______________________________________________________________________. Uh huh. I literally cry nearly every night. I don't think I will ever really get over hi

Is Chris Brown sad because of Michael Jackson?

im pretty sure he was very sad, he and the game made a song about him, saying how he died and how sad it is, its called better on the other side.

Did Michael Jackson live a sad life?

No. He had more excitment in his life than anybody. It was his father that made him sad. He never got to do what he wanted to do. His father would beat him very hard until he

Why did Michael Jackson always look sad?

he was a very,very sad person.he had a life full of pain.i wish more people would understand that,his father would beat him as a child,he witnessed his father cheating on his

Was Michael Jackson sad?

He did seem to be sad most of the time, even when he smiled his eyes looked sad, all the stuff he went through would make anyone miserable.

Is Michael Jackson dad sad about his death?

Yes he is, Joe gave an interview a little while ago and although it is pretty obvious he did say he has never been to the type of man to show his emotions, so he may not seem

Was Michael Jackson sad when Lady Diana died?

Michael was very good friends with Lady Diana, Michael believed that she understood him becaause they had similar problems witht the press, and had the same ideas about healin