Why was Selena Perez shot and killed?

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Selena's fan club president, Yolanda Saldivar, stole money from the fan club. Selena went to Yolanda's hotel room to retrieve important financial documents related to the money stealing incident, Yolanda shot her as the ensuing argument was about to come to a close with Yolanda being fired as a result.
No she was not Christan. She was a Jehovah witness.
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What time was it when Selena Quintanilla-Perez was shot?

Selena was shot at 11:47 pm and by about 11:50 pm, she was already losing considerable amount of blood. At 1:05 pm, Selena was pronounced dead at the hospital. YOU SAID AT 11:47PM. I'AM MOST CERTAIN THAT IT WAS DURING THE MORNING. SELENA AND YOLANDA AGREED TO MET IN THE HOTEL AT 6:00AM. SELENA TOOK YOLANDA TO THE HOSPITAL FOR A CHECKUP DUE TO YOLANDA'S CLAIM OF BEING RAPPED. THEY BOTH DIDN'T ARRIVE TILL 11:00 AM ... IT HAPPENED IN THE MORNING.

Who is Selena Perez?

Selena Perez is a Hispanic singer who started singing at a VERY young age. Selena became very famous and had many fans from all over the UnitedStates and in Mexico. Selena was part of the band "Selena y los Dinos". Selena married Chris Perez against her fathers will, but after she did it her father was very happy to have Chris in the Family. Chris started out as part of the band, but he and Selena fell in love although the family was against it.

How tall was Selena quintinilla Perez?

Selena is 5'8" tall; at least that is the height of her life sized bronze statue they built in her memory. . I love Selena! she will always remain in my heart forever! Thanks for all the music, dedication, hard work and the passion. Wish I could have met her in person but at least she will rest with all the angels in the skies above.

How did Selena Quintanilla-Perez die?

Selena Quintanilla Perez (April 16, 1971 - March 31, 1995) Yolanda Saldivar, the president of Selena's fan club and boutique,shot Selena on March 31, 1995. On Friday March 31,1995 Selena had confronted Yolanda Saldivarabout finance papers that was stolen. To get out of the situation,Saldivar lied and said that she had been raped in Mexico. Whendoctors found no evidence of rape, Selena demanded a answer aboutthe finance papers. When Selena and Saldivar reached back to thehotel, they ended up engaging in a big argument. Before Selena leftthe hotel room, she took off the friendship ring that Saldivarbought her. As Selena turned around to give back the friendshipring, Saldivar pulled out a gun from her purse and aimed at Selena.In shock, Selena turned and tried to get out of the room and callfor help. Saldivar then pulled the trigger and the bullet hitSelena in the right shoulder blade. Selena used all energy to getto the main lobby to report that she had been shot. Selena thenfell on the lobby floor and screamed, "Close the door, she has agun and shoot me again!!!!'' Immediately, the workers started toaide her while one called for the ambulance. Then she was rush to alocal hospital, only to be pronounced she had died at 1:05 pm. In the spring of that year she was working on her firstEnglish-language album, when she went to a motel room in CorpusChristi, TX, to fire 34-year-old Yolanda Saldivar, the woman whomanaged Selena's boutique in San Antonio, and the founder of theSelena fan club. A few days before the confrontation Selena'sfather had unearthed paperwork proving that Saldivar had beenembezzling from the fan club. Saldivar and Selena argued and as thesinger left, she was shot in the back. Selena didn't die right awayand managed to stagger into the lobby where she named Saldivar asthe killer. An hour later, Selena died in a local hospital. It wasa death that rocked the entire Latino music industry. Saldivar wasconvicted for the murder of Selena on October 23rd, 1995. Threedays later she was sentenced to life in prison with no chance ofparole for at least 30 years.

Who killed Selena Perez?

the president of her fan club,yolanda saldvir, shot her with a gun and that's how she died:(

Who killed Selena quintanilla Perez?

Selena was killed by Yolanda Saldivar, the president of her fan club and manager of the singer's chain of beauty salons and boutiques. i hope that helped you out!! selena got shot right when she took off the friendship ring yolanda gave her. then yolanda shot her in the shoulder blade. what i fixed ^^ must of the is true but Yolanda was not her manager and yolanda shot her in a vain where the upper right arm starts so she was pumbing out blood

How did Selena Perez die?

Yolanda Saldivar her fan club president. She was jealous and she knew she was about to get fired because she knew she was guilty. She claims that it was a accident but the gun had to have a certain amout of pressure to go off. She knew what she was doing and when Selena turned her back Yolanda pulled the trigger out of hatred jealousy and loss of credit.

What does Selena Quintanilla Perez work as?

Currently. she is dead but was an amazing singer before she died. Viva Selena!. Selena Quintanilla Perez was an amazing singer and a amazing dancer. She was very . beautiful.

When was Selena Quintanilla-Perez born?

Selena was born on April 16, 1971. She died when she was 23, but she would have been 39 today.

Where was Selena Perez shot?

she was shot walking out of room 158 ofdays inn hotel on 901 navigation blvd. in corpus christi,tx. i think that Selena wouldve been shot again and again and again till she died if she wouldn't of ran but she shouldve held her hand to her neck and applied pressure cause it wouldve helped stop bleeding

When did Selena Perez start singing?

She started to sing when she was nine years old and ended at 23 years old on march 31 1995

Why did Selena Perez start singing?

Selena Quintanilla Perez began singing when her father realized she had the perfect voice pitch and talent

Did chris Perez love Selena?

If you watch any of the movies you can see that Selena amd Chrisloved each other with their whole heart. They was juast planning tohave a baby when she was murdered. __________ He loved her definitely. Some people don't think he did but he wasjust an introverted person and showed his love differently

Does any one know why Yolanda killed Selena Quyitanilla Perez you do not recall it ever being mentioned her reason for killing her?

Selena's dad was mad with Yolanda because she was stealing money from the fan club and did not send out the fan club packages as promised, resulting in the complaints he received. Selena visited Yolanda at her hotel room to pick up necessary financial papers (probably for tax purposes and what not). Probably mad and exasperated from the arguing and probably knowing that Selena was about to fire her for having embezzled money from the fan club, she shot Selena as she was leaving the room. Yolanda was a liar who said she was raped and did not know anything about the checks that were made out in her name.

Why is Selena Perez important?

I think selena was such a famous figure because she was a very kidn cute and adotrable person chill to talk to & her music was amazing!

Who was Selena quintanilla Perez married with?

she was married to Chris Perez, the lead guitarist of her families band. (Selena Y Los Dinos)

Why did yolanda kill Selena quintanilla Perez?

she killed Selena because she was jealus and she stoll money and Selena was going to call the cops and she was leaving the hotel room and shot her and blood went on the door and floor and she droped and then the neibhors in the hotel called 911 and then she was not breathing right and died in the hospital and yalanda did it just for money and being jealus and steeling money from a fan club that she was in she is in jail for life.

How did Selena Perez become famous?

her father put up a band because how good she sang and she performed at fun places like diran lake or something like tht and they got really really famous well she did because of her stong voice

What did Chris Perez do when Selena died?

I think that he miss her and tired to help her as much as he could ------ Chris went into deep depression and didnt leave his house for awhile after she died. But in the late 90's he was able to recoverand began playing in his own band

Why is selena Perez so famous?

Because her music has influenced all those around her, and not just the ones in the Mexican-American populations in America. What still impacts people today is that Selena was about to reach her lifelong dream- singing in the English language market- until she was shot by her fan club president and thought to be loyal friend, Yolanda Saldivar, for Selena fired Yolanda since she was stealing money from the fan club. Selena died on March 31, 1995, 16 days before her 24th birthday.

Is Amanda Perez Selena Perez sister?

think about it "Selena Perez" isn't Selena Perez she is Selena Quintanilla Perez, the Perez is only added because she is married to Chris Perez and Selena didn't want to change her name so she just made Perez her second name. so no Amanda Perez who ever that is, is not Selena's sister, Selena's only sister is Suzette Quintanilla . maybe Amanda Perez is some family member of Chris Perez(Selena's husband) ~by the way i really hope your talking about Selena Quintanilla Perez the american tejano/pop artist that passed away in march 31,1995

Why did Yolanda Saldavir kill Selena Perez?

Because she had an unhealthy, strange obsession with Selena and probably envied her like crazy. The issue with Selena catching Yolanda stealing money just pushed Yolanda over the edge to shoot her. It's very sad.

Is Amanda Perez related to Selena Perez?

no think about it "Selena Perez" isn't Selena Perez she is Selena Quintanilla Perez, the Perez is only added because she is married to Chris Perez and Selena didn't want to change her name so she just made Perez her second name. but no they have no actual contact with each other

Was Selena quintinilla Perez a lesbian?

NO she was not . she was married to a man and was ready to start a family Absolutle not, she was married to Chris Perez. you can be bisexual and still be married to a man and ready to start a family. chris perez does not make it impossible. why cant people accept the truth about selena.

Where does Chris Perez have his tattoo of Selena?

Chris does not have a tattoo of Selena. 1st Selena did not like tattoos. 2nd Chris only gets tattoos that represent him

How many CDs did Selena Perez have?

Early releases Mis Primeras Grabaciones 1984 The New Girl in Town 1985 Alpha 1986 And the Winner Is 1987 Preciosa 1988 Dulce Amor 1988 EMI Music releases Selena 1989 Ven conmigo 1990 Mis Primeros Éxitos 1990 Entre a Mi Mundo 1992 Selena live 1993 Amor Prohibido 1994 Dreaming of you 1995

Is the women that killed Selena Perez still in jail?

Yes and she deserves it she should be in jail till the day she dies.

Who was Selena Quintanilla Perez influenced by?

many of her influences were bands like taste of honey, ACDC, Micheal Jackson , Farrah Fawcett , Donna summers she loved all kinds of music including rock, pop, R&B, country, etc. but her overall inspiration was her father as she said in an interview

What was Selena Perez Controversies?

here is the most i can think of: -she had a sex tape ~ proven not true -she had an affair ~proven not true -jlo's part in the movie ~was true, then people just accepted it and JLO became known -she and yolanda were lesbian lovers~ def. Not true, yolanda was and if Selena was she would have better taste. -her death was accidental ~ no one knows even if a jury says it was a murder, we would never know only Yolanda and Selena do. -She had lipsuction~ Unknown. she did alot of crazy dances however, she did have a mysterious line on her tummy in 1995. -Her 1994 concert at the astrodome and various concerts in 1994 was never recorded~ proven not true by youtube and fans.

Is Selena Quintanilla Perez dead?

yes, she was shot and killed by Yolanda Saldivar. Yolanda Saldivar was the head of her fan club and was embezzling money and when Selena confronted her in a hotel Yolanda took out her pistol and started shooting at Selena calling her a "Crazy B*%#h". She bled to death in the lobby and Yolanda is still in jail today.

What was Selena Perezs favorite meal?

Her #1 favorite food was pizza. In fact, she never tired of bragging how she could eat an entire medium-sized pizza by herself.

What are some songs by Selena Perez?

como la flor,dreaming of you,el chico del apartamento 512,i could fall in love,la llamada,la carcacha,baila esta cumbia,im getting used to you, a boy like that,no me queda mas,amor prohibido,bidi bidi bom bom

Where did Selena Quintanilla Perez perform?

Mostly around her home state of Texas, but also in Mexico and SouthAmerica. She was planning on doing her very first worldwide tourfor her crossover album "Dreaming of You" shortly before her death.

Why did olanda saldivar kill Selena Perez?

She killed Selena because she was loosing connections to Selena. She got fired from Selena and her family.

Where was Selena Quintanilla Perez shot on her body?

She was shot in the chest and another on her right side by Yolanda Saldivar ^ thats wrong she was shot in her upper chest right where the vain of the upper right arm starts so she was pumping out all the blood and she started to run so it just made it worse and she was shut by Yolanda saldivar that's true

Did the lady who killed Selena Quintanilla Perez kill herself?

No she did not. She is still in jail and can get out for parole in 2025.

Where did the bulet land on Selena Perez?

Selena turned her back to Yolanda, the gun shot entered below her left shoulder, it tore through 2 of the 4 chambers of the heart

How many fans does selena Perez have?

Thousands. For when she performed her last concert at the Houston Astrodome on February 26, 1995, she performed in front of more than 66,746 people which was a sell-out

Where was Selena quintanilla Perez lived at?

Selena spent most of her life in Corpus Christi, Texas, which is also her final resting place

What were the hardships Selena Perez overcame?

well she had a lot but some of them where she was a women and when she started singing her genera of music was tejano which is a music mostly ran by men, another one was that she was a Latin american sing born in Texas so she had to prove she was more american than the Americans and more Hispanic then the Hispanics, when she was growing up she was very poor for a period of time during her teenage years so she took her family out of being poor into living the life of a millionaire because Selena was very rich at death she left her family 800 million dollars. so those are some of the main points there are a lot more so i would consider some more research if its for school maybe go to the official selena website

Is amanda perez and selena perez sisters?

no they are 2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT PEOPLE okay who ever said that^^ um no one asked if they were the same person, but anyways think about it "Selena Perez" isn't Selena Perez she is Selena Quintanilla Perez, the Perez is only added because she is married to Chris Perez and Selena didn't want to change her name so she just made Perez her second name. so no Amanda Perez who ever that is, is not Selena's sister, Selena's only sister is Suzette Quintanilla . maybe Amanda Perez is some family member of Chris Perez(Selena's husband)

What is Selena Perez quote?

Selena was a strong believer in her saying and often said it to inspire kids and people "The impossible is always possible"

Why is Selena Perez special?

Selena is special because of her great career she became ''The Queen Of Tex-Mex. And left a great legacy.

Where is the lady yolanda salidivar who killed selena perez?

Yolanda killed her because she was falling in love with selena .... selena did not like her back Yolanda was full of anger and killed her

Why was Selena Perez special to people?

because she inspired people by her music and talent and stand out for her self

What is Selena Perez parents address?

I want to find out because I am doing a report on her and I need there address and I'm only 12 and I'm a big fan and I want to write them sometimes to I was 4month and I stared watching selena and when I grew older I knew what was really goin on so plz help me

Who helped Selena Perez?

The people who in the hotel where Selena run for her life and they.call 911.

Who was Selena Perez when she died?

she as named the top Latin artist of the 90s and best selling artist of the decade

Why did Selena dad didnt gave blood to Selena quintanilla Perez her daughter when she got shot?

Probably because they weren't the same blood type, but it's highly likely that there wasn't enough time for that since Selena died only a few minutes after reaching the hospital, for the bullet that hit her actually hit an artery.

Was vanessa Perez jealous of Selena?

It depends on if the unicorn from Santa Monica finally got over the tortoise from Jupiter by way of Mars.