Why was homer so important in ancient Greece?

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because he wrote the Iiad and Odyssey which were epic poems about the trojan war . :)
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Who was Homer the poet in ancient Greece?

Homer ['Ομηρος] is the ancient Greek poet who wrote the epic poems of Iliad and Odyssey. Iliad presents the ten years war between the Greeks under the leader

Why was Homer from ancient Greece famous?

Homer was famous because his two poems The Odyssey and Iliad were the most influential poems in the world and the two oldest surviving pieces of Greek literature. Most lit

What is Homer in ancient Greece?

Little is known about Homer - no one is certain of the time he was alive, etc, etc. But he was a poet, who wrote The Odyssey and Iliad - two of the most influential poems

Where did Homer of ancient Greece die?

We have no accurate knowledge of whether Homer was an actual personand when and where he lived. A good guess is that he lived in thesecond half of the 8th Century BCE, and one

How is Homer important to Greece?

The classics of a nation moulds the language, literature, culture, civilization and conduct of a people. Illiad and Odessey decided what Greece should be in later years. In th

What was the Homeric age in ancient Greece?

It is supposed to be the period around the Trojan War - the 12thCentury BCE, covering the early Achaean Greek civilisation. We haveno real historical record of this period, ju