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Why was marijuana made illegal in the US?

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Because the government, with the consent of the people, believing it is dangerous passed a law forbidding its use.
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When was marijuana illegalized?

  The first marijuana law found so far was a 1905 El Paso, Texas law. It, and most of the other laws in the southwest that followed, was motivated by racial prejudice agai

Who uses marijuana illegally?

  because it was deemed by the federal government to have no medicinal value ,i guess, check out the history of marijuana on history channel

When was marijuana made illegal in the US?

America's first marijuana laws were enacted at Jamestown Colony, Virginia in 1619. A law "ordering" all farmers to grow Indian hemp was enacted. There were several other "must

When was marijuana made illegal?

Recreational use of Marijuana in the United States was made illegal in 1937 by the Marijuana Tax Act of that same year.

What law in the US made marijuana illegal?

  it first was put under the books as a tax. meaning if you had marijuana and it wasnt taxed it was illegal.but the federal gov. never gave any taxes.   im not sure whe

Is Marijuana illegal in the US?

yes, marijuana iz illegal in all da states except for california Technically it is because they have the tax papers for it but there locked away and the government never gave

Is marijuana legal or illegal in the US?

It is illegal on the federal level. Federal trumps state.  California may say it's OK, but a federal agent can still arrest  you and charge you because of the federal law. C

How is marijuana is used illegally?

  medical weed which is legal only if given by a doctor is different from regular weed. medical weed has less THC so when the doctors give it to you your not high as hell.