Why was michael jordan chosen for jordans?

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Because he was a very famous basketball player at the time ..

To add on Nike wanted to make another company to expand their sales. They need a star to sell the shoes so they chose Jordan. MJ had the option between adidas and nike and chose nike.
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Who is Michael Jordan?

He is a famous basketball player from the NBA (National Basketball Association). He is known for his glory days with the Chicago Bulls. View the websites below for more inf

What is Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan is a famous basketball player known for his participation with the Chicago Bulls. He is also known for golfing and a minor acting career.

What did Michael Jordan do?

he played basketball for the Chicago bulls from 1984 to somewhere in the late nineties to early two thousands and led the bulls to five championships. a lot of people consider

Where is Michael Jordan from?

Michael Jordan is from North Carolina. Michael Jordan is actually born in Brooklyn, New York but grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Why did Michael Jordan invent jordans?

Michael Jordan never invented anything,he is the most famous Basketball player in the world and was signed by Nike to endorse their shoe brand. His greatness as a player and t

Does Michael Jordan wear jordans?

Yes he does. He designs them as well. Look at the latest NBA video game commercial, he is wearing his own line of clothing as notated by his autograph in the upper right hand